Paul Mampilly – Scam Artist or Legit? Reviews, Newsletters & His Stock Picks Uncovered

Paul Mampilly is a financial analyst that now works for a company called Banyan Hill Publishing where he writes various newsletters which often portray the idea that they can help you generate “easy” wealth from stock picks & investments…

Paul Mampilly

In fact, one of his newsletters, Profits Unlimited, claims to provide its readers with access to a “unique secret” about some so-called tiny device which can supposedly enable average Americans to generate a fortune from the stock market (seeing as much as 8,000% growth on their investments)…

But naturally, I think you’ll agree that the claims made in some of Paul Mampilly’s newsletters are pretty bold… So what’s the truth? Can you really make good money by following his picks or is Paul Mampilly a scam artist that’s purely set out to part people with their cash?

It seems those are questions a lot of people want to know the answers to so, as a result, I’ve personally decided to take a closer look into Paul Mampilly & his newsletters to see whether or not he’s really legit as he claims, and whether or not you can really make money as a result of following his stock picks. ?

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I left no stone unturned when I was doing my research for this Paul Mampilly review & as a result, it’s going to be pretty in-depth, so to make things easier I decided to put together a little table of contents below so that you can easily find the information that you’re looking for. All you need to do is click on any of the links and you’ll immediately be taken straight to that particular section of the review.

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is an American investor & former hedge-fund manager who now primarily works as a writer sharing recommended stock picks via his newsletters over at a company called Banyan Hill Publishing.

It was way back in 1991 when he first started out his career, with his first position on Wall Street working as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He then claims to have quickly advanced & left Bankers Trust to work at more prominent positions at companies like Deutsche Bank where he found himself managing multimillion-dollar accounts.

He built up quite a reputation for himself as being a reputable money-manager and as a result in 2006 a company named Kinetics Asset Management recruited him to personally manage their hedge-fund.

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Now it’s here that his story gets interesting, as when he first started at that firm the company was worth $6 billion, however under Paul Mampilly’s management that figure quickly rose to a whopping sum of $25 billion… And it was then that Paul “rose to fame” in the industry with the hedge-fund he managed having averaged a 26% annual increase during his oversight.

Even more impressively, when you look away from the average and focus on the initial 2 years – Paul actually grew the companies initial $50m investment by an insane 76%… And this was done during the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

Pretty impressive stuff I think you’ll agree.

He claims though that despite his successful career on Wall Street, he allegedly got sick of making the top 1% richer & decided to shift his focus on helping the “average Joes” build their wealth instead.

As a result, that’s when he joined Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor where he claims to help average Americans to build their wealth via growth investing, technology, small-cap stocks and special opportunities.

But despite his impressive past, a lot of Paul Mampilly’s newsletters sold via Banyan Hill have come under great scrutiny – likely a lot down to the way they’re marketed…

For example, the sales page for one of Paul’s newsletters promised that investment in a so-called tiny device is going to enable folk to generate a whopping ROI of 8,000%… That’s an extremely bold claim, and the whole “tiny device” style marketing makes it seem like a bit of a tricky scam.

But what’s the truth? Is the advice actually genuine & can you really make money by following the information in his newsletters? Or will Paul Mampilly scam you out of your hard-earned cash? Those are the exact questions I’ll be touching on shortly but first, we should take a closer look at his newsletters in general.

A Look Into Paul Mampilly’s Newsletters

At present as I write this review Paul Mampilly currently has 5 active newsletters being sold through Banyan Hill Publishing which are named as follows:

  • The $10 Million Portfolio (with Ian Dyer and Paul Mampilly)
  • Rapid Profit Trader (with Ian Dyer and Paul Mampilly)
  • True Momentum
  • Extreme Fortunes
  • Profits Unlimited

It seems though that out of the 5, his Profits Unlimited & True Momentum programs appear to have gained the most popularity – especially Profits Unlimited which is the one that references the “tiny device”.

Now the one thing I want to point out is that quite a few of his newsletters are actually being sold through third-party websites, as opposed to the actual Banyan Hill Publishing website itself.

In fact, if you actually visit the Banyan Hill Publishing website & try to purchase his newsletters from their “Premium Content” page it’s not possible, and I’ve no idea why that is – but it does seem a little odd.

The Profits Unlimited newsletter, for example, is accessed via a separate domain entirely, which is “” – and it’s there that you’re presented with one of Banyan Hills bold sales pages.

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To highlight what I mean by “bold claims”, the Profits Unlimited sales page starts out by stating “Controversial Video Exposes Secret to 8,000% Growth in the Stock Market” in an eye-catching huge font.

And below that, you’re immediately told that average Americans are making thousands from this “secret”, such as Paul Kintz who you’re told “just made $186,000”, as well as Alan Hill who allegedly “locked in $167,000″…

I mean honestly, if I didn’t know any better, I would assume the whole thing was a scam right there and then…

Especially since the page uses rush tactics to urge you to watch the video ASAP to get “the biggest gains” (as shown below):

Paul Mampilly Profits Unlimited

But anyway, it’s on that page that Paul claims he’s going to reveal his “No. 1 stock pick” which just so happens to be this “tiny device” that he keeps on referring to, so what exactly is Paul Mampilly’s tiny device? Let’s take a look…

What Is Paul Mampilly’s Tiny Device?

If you’ve spent any amount of time following Paul Mampilly or looking into his newsletters sold through Banyan Hill then you’ll no doubt noticed him referring to some “tiny device” that can allegedly see you generating an 8,000% ROI.

But what the heck is this tiny device he’s talking about?

Well, he claims it’s the greatest innovation in history, and that it’s going to be 7 times bigger than computers, smartphones & tablets combined… Which is a pretty darn bold claim, to say the least.

And you’re also told that experts reckon up to 50 billion devices will be using this “secret” new technology by 2020…

So…….. What the heck is it??

Well what Paul is actually referring to is something called the IoT, the Internet of Things – and Paul expects to see a lot of growth in this in the coming years (hence it being his number 1 pick).

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The IoT, in short, is basically a network between physical devices – so it enables things to “talk” to each other and work together, such as vehicles and home appliances etc…

The idea is that this network having everything work together will be able to change the way we live & make everyday tasks much easier for us – and if there’s one thing people love, it’s easiness.

I’m sure you can probably think of a few examples right off the top of your head where you’ve found yourself already exposed to the IoT – such as the Amazon Echo “Alexa” device.

The Echo enables your devices to become interconnected through a network & that is a prime example of the IoT in action. So Paul sees a growing future in this technology & that forms the base of his Profits Unlimited newsletter.

Will it generate an ROI of 8,000%? I don’t know, in my opinion, that’s a bold claim – but I do definitely see a growth in it myself, and who knows, it certainly could achieve such a figure…

Paul Mampilly Complaints

To be honest Paul Mampilly appears to have a pretty darn good record as far as I’m concerned – and from my research, most of the claims he makes are backed up by hard evidence too.

However, since becoming associated with Banyan Hill Publishing there has been a number of Paul Mampilly complaints appearing on the web & I think that in my opinion, this is primarily because of the way his newsletters are being marketed.

For example, Paul’s Profits Unlimited newsletter is indeed a genuine newsletter. It has a focus on investments through the Internet of Things, but in general, it’s packed with valuable content…

However, because it’s marketed as being some sort of “secret” that’s enabling average Americans to get rich, many people seem to think they’re buying into a sure-fire way to make quick & easy money, as opposed to an investment newsletter.

I mean don’t get me wrong – you could indeed make money as a result of following Paul’s picks offered out via his newsletter, but at the same time (in the nature of investing) you could stand to also lose money as well… And it seems people don’t really like that.

So as I say it appears they’ve taken to the internet to write Paul Mampilly complaints slamming him & his newsletter… But I’ve got to say that as far as I’m concerned Paul is a legitimate guy, and in the case of complaints, Banyan Hill seems pretty darn good at resolving them with a sharpish refund.

Therefore, in my opinion, there isn’t really any room to complain about…

Some Interesting Paul Mampilly Reviews

What I did find during my research was some interesting Paul Mampilly reviews – for example, on his Facebook page he has a solid rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on the opinion of 120 people.

And one person in particular claims that Paul is “Absolutely the Best Advisor I have ever found in over 30 years!“…

Then alongside that there are several more praising more, such as these:

Paul Mampilly Review 1

Paul Mampilly Review 2

One of the reviewers even boasts that they’ve achieved a 450% return:

Paul Mampilly Review 3

The reviewer in question even shares proof too:

Paul Mampilly Proof

Anyway, moving on to the more important question that a lot of people seem to want to know the answer to…

Is Paul Mampilly a Scam?

Despite the fact that there are some Paul Mampilly scam rumours out there floating about on the web, I can safely say that in my own opinion Paul Mampilly is absolutely NOT a scam. No matter what people have said he is not a scammer, fraudster or anything like that – he is a legitimate guy that provides genuine & interesting stock picks via his newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the sales pages for his newsletters are indeed rather hyped up & it’s not a marketing tactic I’m particularly fond of, but ultimately he does deliver the content promised.

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You sign up to his programs to get access to his newsletters & that’s exactly what you’re provided with – and from what I’ve seen, if you’re not completely satisfied then Banyan Hill seem pretty good at making refunds.

Obviously none of Paul Mampilly’s stock picks is guaranteed to make you money as nothing in the world of investing is guaranteed & to be honest it would be foolish to think it was… But some of the picks he shares are pretty interesting and if they did come in as anticipated then they could certainly stand to see you make a solid return.

My Verdict on Paul Mampilly

Well firstly just to reiterate what I said in the previous of this review, Paul Mampilly is indeed a legitimate guy – and his newsletters contain some pretty interesting stock picks that could potentially see you generating a solid ROI.

Obviously like I also said above, nothing is guaranteed – but if you have money that you can afford (and would be willing to lose) then Paul Mampilly’s picks might be something you’d find interesting.

If however, you’re looking into Paul’s newsletters with the assumption that they might be some sort of “saviour” with regards to getting out a financial crisis then I’d recommend you think again as that is NOT what they should be seen as… Because you could end up losing money as opposed to making it, which would put you in an even worse position.

It’s also worth pointing out too that what you’re getting access to via his programs are newsletters – from which it is up to you to take action on the picks that you’re shown. Your funds won’t be getting managed & Paul won’t be making you money on your behalf…

So ultimately yeah, with regards to my verdict on Paul – he certainly knows his stuff, his picks are backed by experience & if you’re looking to potentially find a “big break” from investing then he is certainly one to watch.

Though I have to admit, in my opinion, there is…

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    • There isn’t really any specific “tiny device” as such, as I mentioned in the review above Paul is just referring the IOT (Internet of Things) in general, which includes devices like Amazon Echo etc… You can find out more about the “tiny device” here.


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