From Working As An Electrician To Earning a Full-Time Income Online…

Hi there! My name’s Dale & I’m the guy behind ReviewedThat – the website which I setup to help protect people from online scams & find LEGIT ways to make money…

So who exactly am I?

Well, truthfully I’m just your average 26 year old guy… Pretty much anyway, except for the fact that I now earn a full-time living from the internet

(I know, it even still sounds pretty crazy to me when I say it)

But don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always like that…

Heck there was a time when I didn’t even know if it was possible or not to really make money online, and after falling for scam after scam I almost gave up altogether (but I’m so glad I didn’t).

You see, about 7 years ago I was working as an electrician on the steelworks – and at 6am each day my alarm would go off & off to work I went… Yet despite working hard each week things were still always pretty tight money wise.

It seemed like I was constantly just wishing for the next payday to roll around & to be honest I just felt like I was living paycheck to paycheck…

Well, I wasn’t really “living” at all – I just getting by and I was getting fed up of it.

(that’s a picture of me below back when I was working on the steelworks):

Working On The Steelworks

So to cut a long story short, that’s when I headed on over to Google & started searching for ways to make extra money online…

And like I said above I didn’t even know whether it was actually possible or not – but I figured there was no harm in looking.

Anyway, I came across a whole bunch of systems & programs that claimed they had the answer & promised that they could help me to start making good money but each time I was just getting taken for a ride.

The people behind those systems/programs weren’t really interested in helping me make money – they were just interested in making themselves money at my expense.

Unfortunately though because I was brand new I didn’t know what to believe or who to trust so I ended up falling for scam after scam…

I lost a ton of cash & learned some hard lessons, but FINALLY I came across something legit that actually worked.

Since then my life has completely changed. I left my job as an electrician & for the past 7 years I’ve been earning a full-time income from the internet. There was 1 month when I even managed to make more in a single month online than I did in a whole year as an electrician…

I know that sounds crazy but it’s true, the internet is powerful.

And the best part is that it can provide you with not just money freedom but time freedom & location freedom too.

You can earn more, you can earn from anywhere, and you can work whenever you want.

I was able to buy my dream car at the time back when I was just 19…

Range Rover

And not only did I have more time to travel & see the world, but I was able to travel in style too…

First Class

And of course the hotels I stayed in got a little bit more luxurious as well…


Especially this one (one of my favourite suites ever in Las Vegas):


But don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to show off or boast or anything like that, it’s just crazy how much my life has changed… From “living” paycheck to paycheck to, well, finally actually living life & being able to do what I want to do!!

And the craziest part is that I’m absolutely nobody special – I’m no computer guru, I don’t have any special talents… I’m literally just your everyday average guy.

Which is why I decided to setup this website – to show other people that it’s possible for them to do it too. I mean if I can do it, I know that you reading this right now can definitely do it too… and the good news for you is that you don’t have to go through all the struggle that I did when I was first starting out.

I was on my own trying to figure out how to do it… I didn’t have anybody to point me in the right direction & that’s why I kept on getting scammed – but I’ve faced the hard lessons so that you don’t have to.

Instead you can just go straight to my number 1 recommendation & get started today – no struggling, no trying to figure things out… Just let me show you the way. 🙂