John Crestani – Scam Artist or Affiliate Marketing Guru? Review Exposes The Truth!

John Crestani is a name you’ve likely heard of if you’ve ever spent any amount of time looking for ways to make extra money online. He self claims to be an internationally renowned expert at affiliate marketing & he’s the man behind various “make-money” systems like the Internet Jetset program & the Super Affiliate System…

John Crestani Photo

But is he really legit & will he truly help you make money like he claims he will? Or will John Crestani scam you instead & just part you with your cash to make himself wealthy at your expense? It seems that’s what a lot of people want to know…

And if you too want to know the answers to those questions then you can rest assured that you’ve landed in exactly the right place to get them as I’ve taken a closer look into John Crestani to find out the truth and in this review, I’ll be uncovering everything you need to know. ?

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When I said I had taken a closer look into John Crestani & his programs I really meant it – I spent days researching his background & figuring out if his programs could really help you make money which means that as a result, this review is going to be pretty detailed… To make things easier for you though I’ve put together this quick navigation section so that you can jump straight to the specific information you came here looking for. Just click on any of the links below & you’ll be taken directly to that part of the review:

Who Is John Crestani?

If you’ve come across one of John Crestani’s courses then no doubt the first thing you’re probably wondering is “who the heck is this guy?”… And if a word of what he’s saying actually legit…

There’s a lot of scams out there online & it’s good to have your guard up, but the first thing I can confirm right from the off in this review is that John Crestani is indeed the real deal when it comes to making money through affiliate marketing.

So, just who actually is John? How did he start out, how did he make his millions & more importantly for you, how can he help you make money?

Well, John, on his website, describes himself as being the “the guy who said f*** the corporate world and chose his own way” – but when you delve into his story it was actually kinda the corporate world that said, “f*** him“.

You see some time ago John was working for a marketing firm which was based out of Los Angeles & the particular firm he was working for specialized in something called pay-per-click marketing.

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This type of marketing is basically where people pay to have their websites displayed within the results of search engines – often either at the top, bottom or to the side of the results… And as the name suggests they “pay per click”, so each time an ad is clicked on the advertiser will be charged.

So the idea is to create a webpage that will ultimately generate more revenue from the visitor than the cost of the click, which in turn will generate a profit – and once cracked, you are essentially “buying money”.

It’s the same kinda thing that’s taught through the AWOL Academy program.

Photo of John Crestani

Anyway, whilst when he first started the company he was “brand new” to this type of marketing, John apparently quickly learned the trade & within a relatively short space of time he found himself managing over 20 clients accounts through the firm.

But more impressively was the fact that he managed to multiply the revenue that one of the clients pay-per-click campaigns was generating by over 40x, bringing the firm over $110,000 per month more of extra business for that account alone.

For that, he became known as a superstar within the company and it was at this moment that John thought he would be sure-fire guaranteed to get a raise from his boss… But upon asking he found out the hard way that it was so sure-fire after all.

In fact, his boss apparently just rudely turned his offer down, showing total disinterest in giving him a raise – and didn’t seem to be grateful at all for any of the new money John was bringing the company.

So understandably from there onwards John’s work ethic went out the window… He figured there was no point in busting his gut generating the company more money when he wasn’t going to see a penny of it or get any gratitude for his effort, and so he slacked off…

Instead, he began working on his own stuff on the side, taking clients on for himself – and eventually, it led to him getting fired (hence me earlier mentioning it was more like the corporate world that said “f*** him”).

Luckily for John though he had gained enough clients on the side to keep him afloat… And whilst looking for ways to increase his income alongside the client’s accounts he was managing, that’s when he discovered affiliate marketing.

Which brings me onto the next point…

How Did John Crestani Make His Money?

John figured out after learning about affiliate marketing (which is where you promote 3rd party products or services online in return for commissions) that he could leverage his pay-per-click knowledge to generate profitable campaigns – and that’s exactly what he did.

So firstly, for you to better understand what I’m about to explain take a look at the image below which visualizes how affiliate marketing works:

Affiliate Marketing Step By Step Explained

As a “real-life” example, Amazon has an affiliate program which means people can sign up to Amazon as an affiliate & promote pretty much any of the products found on their website.

So the Amazon affiliate would simply get a unique link to the products found on the Amazon site, and if anybody clicked through their link & made a purchase then Amazon would pay the affiliate a commission in return for the sale.

It’s a pretty straight forward process – the most difficult part is getting visitors to actually click through the link, but this is where John leveraged his knowledge of pay-per-click marketing.

He basically just paid to promote his links on search engines, and then learned about Facebook advertising & leveraged that too. Overall he was sending truckloads of traffic through to his affiliate links & earning a fortune in commissions for himself.

But the best part was the fact that he didn’t have to mess around with handling orders, dealing with customer service or anything like that, because he was promoting other people’s products… All he had to do was focus on doing the advertising & everything else would take care of itself.

That’s one of the reasons he says he was able to amass such a large amount so quickly, because he only had to focus on one thing.

And now John has put together several courses teaching this technique to others…

A Look At John Crestani’s Courses

So I personally came across John Crestani around 2 years ago after stumbling across his Internet Jetset program which was being advertised at the beginning of a YouTube video I was about to watch.

Naturally being a full-time affiliate marketer myself at the time I decided to check it out to see what his course entailed, and that’s when I discovered that his course was also teaching affiliate marketing… But it was doing it in a “different style”.

It wasn’t just the typical “you’ll make thousands with this sign up here” type programs – instead, John was offering you the chance to watch a webinar he’d put together, and it was totally free.

I opted in to attend & after watching the webinar in which a whole bunch of value was given out I decided to join his Internet Jetset program to find out more – and I was very impressed.

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John went into great detail on all of the methods he explained & everything was produced in video form making it pretty easy to understand. However, I’m not entirely sure what happened but the program just kinda seemed to lose traction & I stopped seeing it getting promoted so much…

Then not so long ago, up came another ad – this time for another one of John Crestani’s courses, named the Super Affiliate System.

I decided to check this one out too & it seemed to me that it was basically Internet Jetset 2.0 – so I imagine the reason Internet Jetset lost traction initially is that John decided to spend time tweaking & improving on it, to make sure it was launched “at its best”…

And I’m not gonna lie, whilst the Internet Jetset system was good in itself, the Super Affiliate System is a pretty darn good improvement. His new system is literally jam-packed with value & he’s even teamed up with 2 other paid-ads experts on it too named Tim Burd & Ronnie Sandlin.

So what do his courses teach exactly?

Well, his courses basically teach you the exact same strategy that John initially used when he too was first starting out. They show you how to firstly get affiliated with companies, how to build profitable affiliate campaigns & then how to promote them (to profit) using paid advertising – specifically Facebook ads & pay-per-click.

And his courses have attracted a lot of attention because they boast the bold claim of being able to help you make money in the shortest time possible, again exactly like John did when he first started out.

So if you have a budget aside to spend on paid ads & you’re looking to get started with affiliate marketing but want to get things moving pretty quickly, then John’s courses could certainly be of interest to you.

But I know there’s also another question on a lot of peoples minds too – is John Crestani really an affiliate marketing expert? Let’s take a look at that next…

John Crestani ā€“ Affiliate Marketing Expert?

John Crestani is well known across the internet as an affiliate marketing expert – but a lot of people have questioned this – has he really made money from affiliate marketing like he claims he has?

Or is he just a product creator that has simply made his money from selling training products onto others whilst pretending that his fortune came from affiliate marketing?

Well after going through his Internet Jetset course first hand I can confidently say that John Crestani is indeed the real deal, and he is indeed an affiliate marketing expert like he claims he is.

This is easy to see when you go through his courses as it’s clear he knows his stuff. Plus after doing some research online I was able to find some of John’s promotions from several years ago.

So yeah, as far as I’m concerned John Crestani is indeed an affiliate marketing expert.

Featured In The News?

On the promotion pages of a lot of John Crestani’s courses, you’ll often see a horizontal band across the page which shows a list of news publications that John has allegedly been featured in…

John Crestani News

But if you know anything about online scams then you’ll know this is also a trick used by many scammers. They display logos of various news publications in an attempt to make you trust the system (thinking that it’s been featured in the news) when in actual fact they have never featured in the news at all…

So what about when it comes to John? Is this just another trick or has John Crestani really been featured in the news?

Well, I can confirm that yes, John has indeed been featured on all of the news sites he claims. In fact, the truth is that John has had a LOT of features from the press – and he has even done over 5 TV interviews too.

One of his most recent interviews seen him featured on This Morning Blend on Fox 4, which you can see here.

On top of that, he has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider & many, many more…

Therefore when it comes to being featured in the news it’s safe to say that John Crestani is the real deal in that respect too. In fact, out of all of the affiliate marketing experts, I’ve ever come across I think John seems to have had the most mainstream media publications I’ve ever seen.

Will John Crestani Scam You?

The big one it seems people want to know is whether or not the John Crestani scam rumours are true – for example, the scam rumours put out by publications like BlastingNews.

Well, I can safely say (after personally going through John Crestani’s courses) that the scam rumours are NOT true. John Crestani is NOT a scammer, he is a legitimate affiliate marketing expert.

The people who’ve come out to slam his courses as being scams are simply misinformed – and in the case of the article published at BlastingNews, it seems the author didn’t even go through John’s course & that he was indeed just making a verdict based on the advertising he had seen.

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Sadly though that is done too often – people arrive at premature verdicts without proper knowledge.

If you join one of John’s courses then you will get exactly what you were sold. John is upfront, honest & delivers massive value inside of his programs – whilst often even offering personal support too.

So to reiterate, NO, John Crestani will not scam you, which brings me onto…

My Verdict ā€“ Is John Crestani Legit?

John Crestani is without a doubt 100% legit – in fact, he’s one of the most interesting entrepreneurs I’ve come across in recent years. He’s a knowledgable guy & he seems to be full of amazing ideas.

When it comes to affiliate marketing it’s safe to say he sure as heck knows his stuff there too – and as I mentioned in the previous section of this review, all of John Crestani’s courses that I’ve personally come across do indeed deliver on their promises.

I mean his courses shouldn’t be seen as being any sort of guaranteed way to make easy money – as that’s not gonna happen, but if you’re looking to make money with affiliate marketing & you’re willing to put in the work then his courses could certainly guide you to success for sure.

An Easy Way For Beginners To Get Started

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      • I would think that the ‘anti-virus’ or more probably a malware protection software flagged the site of a known fraudster and con man, dale. Everything on this site should raise red flags.

        • A known fraudster & con man? Could you please care to elaborate on your sources for that information as if that is true, I will update the review. For now, however, I would like to make clear to any readers that those are the opinions of Harry and they do not reflect the views of ReviewedThat.


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