Super Affiliate System Review – Scam By John Crestani? The Honest Truth Comes Out

The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani promises to provide you with some free training that can allegedly enable you to earn a 7-figure side income from affiliate marketing in the shortest time possible…

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You’re led to believe that you’ll be shown everything step-by-step and that even if you’re brand new you’ll still be able to find success… But is it truly legit & can it really help you make money? Or is the Super Affiliate System a scam that’ll just end up costing you more than you ever manage to make?

Well if that’s what you’ve been looking to find out then you can rest assured that you’ve landed in exactly the right place as I’ve taken a closer look into the Super Affiliate System to see how it all really works & in this honest review I’ll be uncovering the truth, as well as outlining whether or not you really can make quick money with it like it’s creator John Crestani claims. ?

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I did a thorough investigation into the Super Affiliate System to find out literally everything you need to know & as a result this review will probably end up being quite lengthy… So to make things easier for you I’ve put together a little table of contents below which you can use to jump straight to the specific information that you came here looking for. Just click on any of the links & you’ll be taken directly to that section of the review.

What Is The Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing training program that’s been put together by a guy named John Crestani, and John has also included training from 2 other guys named Tim Burd & Ronnie Sandlin in the course as well.

The concept is that the course will teach you how to go from “zero to affiliate hero” in the shortest space of time possible – with John claiming that the course provides the best training on how to start generating profits with affiliate marketing FAST.

So whereas there are several other courses that also teach affiliate marketing (and are very good at doing so), John is essentially claiming his will be better if it’s speed you’re looking for… Which is also what the Global Affiliate Zone program promises too.

But can John’s Super Affiliate System really see you earning so much money & earning it so quickly? Those are the big questions & those are the questions I’ll be answering in this review…

More importantly, however is the fact that John also claims his program has been designed with complete beginners in mind… Stating that it’s “step by step” and really simple to follow.

So realistically the whole thing leads you towards believing that literally anybody can turn a quick profit from it, expert or not.

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However what I’ll point out right from the off is that if you are thinking about getting started with it then you should know that to stand any chance of success at all you will need to have a pretty large budget set aside, and that’s because the whole thing is geared around paid advertising (which means you’ll need to fork out a fair bit of money upfront).

And that’s where the speed comes into play… Because whilst there are alternative methods that you can use to generate visitors (traffic) online for free, generally free methods take time… So John is cutting those out and focusing on teaching paid methods which can provide immediate results, though it’s worth noting those immediate results are not always positive.

In fact, paid methods can result in you losing a lot of money really quickly if you’re not careful… So whilst speed is one of the perks of paid traffic, the fact that you’re using real money is one of the risks…

So is John’s training good enough to eliminate that risk & help you turn a profit right from the off without losses? That’s exactly what I’ll discuss in a moment but there’s something else that’s important which we should definitely cover first…

Who Is John Crestani?

He’s the man behind the Super Affiliate System, and he’s the man that promises he’s going to help you make a “7-figure side-income” with ease & speed… But who actually is he?

I mean, why should you follow his training? Why should you listen to a word he has to say?

After all, John Crestani could just be some random guy that one day decided to knock up an affiliate marketing course & decide to sell it online with no experience whatsoever…

It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen someone do that!

Photo of John CrestaniThankfully though I can confirm in this instance that John Crestani isn’t “just some random guy”… He is actually an affiliate marketer, and he is actually a very, very good one.

In fact, John Crestani has made millions through affiliate marketing, and you’ll likely have some reassurance in the fact that nearly all of his successes have come from running paid advertising campaigns.

So through the Super Affiliate System John is literally teaching the exact methods that worked for him, and he’s going to show you how you can “copy them” so that they can also work for you.

That’s the idea of the Super Affiliate System anyway.

But the Super Affiliate System isn’t actually John’s first system – he’s actually launched quite a few other systems prior to this one, such as the IM Jetset program which might have already heard of.

Basically it all started for John many years ago when he was working for a marketing company out in LA. He was totally new to the marketing scene but found himself employed in a role where he was responsible for managing clients campaigns & as a newcomer to the company he was taught the ins & outs of the trade…

He began experimenting & learning more about it in his own time, and using the knowledge he’d gained he went on from being brand new to the company to eventually finding himself managing over 20 clients accounts…

But it was when he managed to increase the revenue of one of the clients businesses by 40x through a paid ads campaign & bring in $110,000 per month of extra business for the company he was working for that John’s story truly started…

It was then that he approached his boss for a raise which he said he almost thought would be guaranteed, given the amount of new money that he managed to bring into the company… But it wasn’t guaranteed at all.

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John’s boss apparently just pretty much laughed him out of the office, and needless to say, John didn’t get the raise he asked for.

So John basically gave up at his company, lost motivation, and just “plodded along”… Until one day his boss decided to fire him.

However John wasn’t feeling the corporate life, and he didn’t want to go back to the 9-5, so he ended up looking for different ways that he could make money & that’s when he stumbled across affiliate marketing.

(in case you don’t know, affiliate marketing is where you promote 3rd party products or services online in return for commissions)…

Anyway, he combined what he’d learned at the marketing firm with affiliate marketing & found massive success. He began driving paid traffic to various affiliate offers & generating massive returns on his ad spend.

In short, he was basically “buying money”, spending X on advertising & earning XX back in commissions…

He literally managed to make millions doing exactly that and as a result, he was featured in various high profile publications such as Forbes, Business Insider & even Fox News.

Pretty impressive stuff to say the least!

Then from there, he launched his own affiliate network and finally moved into producing training courses – like the IM Jetset & Super Affiliate System – to help others make money in the same way as well.

Which brings me back onto the big question…

How Does The Super Affiliate System Work?

So essentially as I touched on throughout this review the Super Affiliate System is geared towards teaching you how you can make money by combining affiliate marketing campaigns with paid advertising.

It’s a 6-week course that’ll see you learning from John Crestani, Tim Burd & Ronnie Sandlin – and each week goes over a different topic and shows you how to either set up or scale your business.

Now in case you don’t know, affiliate marketing basically consists of promoting 3rd party products or services online in return for commissions. So as an example you could sign up as an affiliate of Amazon & get the opportunity to promote any of the products from their website, earning a commission if somebody happened to make a purchase after clicking through your link.

Here’s a visual breakdown that might make it a little easier to understand:

Affiliate Marketing Step By Step Explained

So as you can likely see affiliate marketing in itself is actually pretty simple. It’s a 3 step process & it’s a pretty easy way to make good money online… Providing you know how to get traffic.

That’s because traffic (visitors) is the lifeblood of any online business – and if you’ve got nobody clicking on your links then you’re not going to make any money… But traffic is the thing that people seem to struggle with the most.

And whilst there are some free methods of generating traffic (such as writing a blog post and waiting for it to appear in search engines like Google)… Free methods generally take time…

So the Super Affiliate System is geared towards teaching you how to use paid advertising, which is an instant method of generating traffic.

With paid advertising, you simply create an advert, pay some money & the traffic starts coming – meaning you could stand to make commissions the very same day you run a campaign.

But sadly, paid advertising is not quite so simple – because the key is to get your advertising spend lower than your commission revenue (obviously) – however, this is quite a tricky process.

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In fact, most people end up spending more on advertising than they ever make back in commissions, meaning they actually end up losing money rather than making it.

Thankfully though that’s where the Super Affiliate System comes into play because John Crestani himself is a paid ads expert – but so are the other 2 guys he’s brought into the system, Tim Burd & Ronnie Sandlin.

So all 3 of those guys through the 6 weeks of training will be showing you how to make a campaign profitable – what you need to look out for, what you need to track, and what you need to tweak.

Is it easy? Not really – I’ll be honest, but providing you take some time out – turn off all distractions & actually focus on the training then there is definitely the potential for you to see success through it for sure.

You know, the Super Affiliate System isn’t just some sort of program that’s just going to pump money into your bank account without you doing anything (because obviously nothing like exists and it never will). It takes work, it can get a little frustrating/confusing… But it DOES work providing you make yourself open to learn, and appreciate that there will initially be some failure.

That’s right – even though it works there will almost definitely be some failure at first, because launching a paid advertising campaign that’s profitable from the off is VERY rare… But the idea is that you should fail forward, and eventually turn a profit.

Which brings me onto the next point…

Does The Super Affiliate System Really Work?

I’ve seen a lot of people asking this question online & so that’s the reason I figured I’d cover it in this review because it’s as if people are almost expecting the Super Affiliate System to be some sort of “magical” system that’s just going to make them money without them really having to do anything…

However that’s not that case, at all – there are no systems like that… There never have been, and there never will be.

So if you’re asking “does the Super Affiliate System work” in terms of will it make you a load of money, then the answer is no – IT won’t…

But if you’re asking “does the Super Affiliate System work” in terms of does it provide genuine training that could actually help you go on to make good money through affiliate marketing, then the answer is yes – it does.

Basically the bottom line in terms of this question is that it’s not a case of the Super Affiliate System working, it’s a case of the people buy into it working – because that’s exactly what it takes to succeed online, work.

Providing though that you actually follow the training inside of the system & then take action on what you learn there is absolutely no reason why you won’t be able to find success with John Crestani’s program.

However like I say if you’re just expecting it to provide you with some sort of “done-for-you” solution then sorry but reality check, that ain’t gonna happen. You’d be better off buying a lottery ticket!

How Much Does The Super Affiliate System Cost?

This is where you might get a little bit of a shock because the Super Affiliate System is not just your typical “$47” style program – it’s a little more costly than that, to say the least…

However, before hitting you with the cost, what I will say is that to someone who’s serious about getting started with affiliate marketing through the use of paid ads, John’s course DOES definitely deliver the goods.

So whilst costly, it should be viewed in the perspective of the potential outcome…

After all, you could go through his program & end up leveraging the training to build a business that goes on to generate 3, 4 or even 5 figures per month…

Anyway, I know what you’re thinking.. “just hit me with it”…

Well here goes…

The cost of the Super Affiliate System is $997… Yup, nine hundred & ninety-seven dollars.

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However, apparently that’s the “discounted” version of the program, as when you hit the checkout page for John’s program it comes up as $5,000 – but then an automatically applied coupon deducts a whopping $4,003…

In my opinion, this is likely just a marketing tactic… But either way, right now as I write this review the program is available for $997 – and that gets you FULL access to the program, no upsells.

So yes… Costly for sure… But is it worth it? Well if you’re seriously looking to find success with paid advertising then yes, John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System could definitely provide you with massive value.

However, I’m not gonna lie if you’re just “dipping your toes” then his program is probably not for you.

You’ve got to weigh up what you really want… But if you’re committed & prepared to follow the training then I know that the Super Affiliate System can definitely help you get started.

Is The Super Affiliate System a Scam?

Some reviewers online are calling the Super Affiliate System simply because of its high cost, but as far as I’m concerned the cost of something alone does not make it a scam.

In my opinion, the Super Affiliate System is NOT a scam, not at all… It’s a legitimate training program that delivers on its promises & can absolutely help you get started online.

Sure, it is more geared towards those with a larger starting out budget, after all, it’s pretty costly in itself & then there’s the budget required for paid traffic on top, but if it’s “speed” you’re after then you’re going to have to spend money… There are no 2 ways about it.

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See you have 2 options when it comes to finding success with affiliate marketing – you can either leverage free traffic which has the obvious perk of being free but takes time to build up, or you can leverage paid traffic which has the obvious downside of costing money, but can provide immediate results.

I mean John Crestani is a legitimate guy, he’s an expert at what he does, and he’s taken time out to show you EXACTLY how he creates profitable paid advertising affiliate marketing campaigns… So, in my opinion, I feel the price is justified in that sense because you’re paying for the privilege of learning from an absolute expert.

So in short no, the Super Affiliate System is not a scam – it’s a legitimate program that gives you access to legitimate training which if followed properly could certainly help you make good money online.

My Verdict on The Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is definitely a legitimate training program & it’s actually a very good training program, but what I will say is that due to its cost it’s clearly not for everybody.

I mean sure, if you’ve got the budget aside & you don’t mind potentially losing it – just being honest here, you have to plan for the worst, then the Super Affiliate System could certainly help you turn your money into more money through paid advertising & affiliate marketing…

But on the other hand, if you don’t have the budget, or you’re not wanting to put that much money on the line then there are indeed other alternative (cheaper) ways you can get started which I’ll touch on in a moment.

It really comes down to a case of weighing up what you want. If you truly want speed then you are going to have to come to terms with the fact that that’s going to require you putting some money on the line (and potentially quite a chunk of money)… But if you are happy to build things up over a bit more time, then there are definitely cheaper routes you could take.

Either way, though I will reiterate the fact that the Super Affiliate System is indeed a legitimate training program & John Crestani is genuinely the successful guy that he claims he is.

It is a good program for beginners & experts alike, and the training really goes in-depth, but at the same time never gets overly complicated. The only thing I have to nitpick on though is the fact that in my opinion, the flow of the whole thing is a bit hit & miss… I feel that the step-by-step nature of it could have been done in a bit of a better order as sometimes it kinda feels like you’re going backwards & forwards… But other than that the program is definitely very, very good & certainly packed with value.

A Cheaper & Legit Way To Make Good Money

The Super Affiliate System is legit no doubt about it, but for those who don’t have such a high budget to start out with you’ll be glad to know that there is a cheaper option which could provide you with similar, if not potentially even better results.

This program is the actually the exact same program that I’ve personally been using to generate a consistent 5-figure per month income & out of all the programs I’ve come across it’s my number 1 recommendation for making money.

You can check it out for free by clicking the link below:

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