Global Affiliate Zone Review – Scam or Legit? Some Hidden Truths Get Uncovered

Global Affiliate Zone is a company that claims to provide you with access to the fastest path to go from employee to entrepreneur & you’re led to believe that their affiliate marketing training will enable you to launch your own thriving online business…

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But just recently I came across John Crestani’s new Super Affiliate System which also made similar promises – and I’ve seen these kinds of claims time & time again… So what’s the truth? Will this new program truly help you to find success with affiliate marketing like it claims? Or is Global Affiliate Zone a scam that’ll just end up doing nothing other than parting you with your hard-earned cash?

Thankfully you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out as I’ve done a thorough investigation into Global Affiliate Zone to see what it’s all about, how it works, and whether or not it can really help you make any money… And so in this honest review I’ll be uncovering the full truth of what I found – including how it really works behind the scenes. ?

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Whenever I look into something like Global Affiliate Zone I always make sure that I leave absolutely no stone unturned which as a result means sometimes my reviews can be pretty in-depth… Therefore to make things easier for you I’ve put together a table of contents below which you can use to jump straight to the specific information that you came here looking for.

What Is Global Affiliate Zone?

Founded by Mathieu Jang, Julian Sherman & Kameron George, the Global Affiliate Zone is an educational company that claims to offer training which can essentially act as a “shortcut” to finding success from affiliate marketing… Hence their current tag-line being “the fastest path from employee to entrepreneur“.

Global Affiliate Zone Founders

You’re essentially led to believe that you’ll be able to sign up & get access to everything you need to not only get started with affiliate marketing, but to also scale it up into a massively successful business – a business that could potentially see you quitting your job & making a living entirely from affiliate marketing instead.

They promise education, tools, done-for-you content, access to private communities, live workshops & even 1-to-1 mentorship along with a whole host of other different things…

But there’s a few big questions to be asked – I’ve seen many of these types of programs before, such as the Super Affiliate System as mentioned at the start of this review & AWOL Academy… So, is Global Affiliate Zone legit like those? And if it is, then why should you become a member of Global Affiliate Zone as opposed to the others?

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It can be a confusing world out there when it comes to getting started with affiliate marketing because there’s just so many options & so many different programs claiming to provide the best & the fastest methods… It can be hard to determine which ones are legit & which ones are indeed actually the best to get started with.

Thankfully though if that’s the conundrum you’re feeling like you’re faced with yourself at the moment you can rest assured I’m going to do my best to give you all the details to help you make a proper informed decision as to what is truly best for you… And we’ll start by taking a closer look into how the Global Affiliate Zone all actually works…

How Does Global Affiliate Zone Work?

So essentially the Global Affiliate Zone primarily focuses solely on just one product, which they call the GAZ Pro Membership – and in order to get access to the Global Affiliate Zone this is what you’ll have to purchase.

The product costs $99/mo, which in my opinion in comparison to many other affiliate marketing training programs is a realistic price-tag for this type of program & it’s likely affordable to most.

The good news though is that they do offer a 14-day trial period & so you can “test the water” with the opportunity to get your money back if you decide it’s not really what you were looking for… Meaning you’re not just wasting $99 on a whim when considering getting started.

Anyway, as mentioned the GAZ Pro membership will get you inside the Global Affiliate Zone  & this gets you instant access to their training, their community & all of the “done-for-you” material.

It also gives you the opportunity to get access to a half-hour business planning call, as well as live weekly group training sessions & direct access to high-converting “recommended” affiliate offers.

So, what you can expect from there?

Well basically once you get inside of the Global Affiliate Zone program you’ll be provided with an “orientation” style tour showing you around & showing you how everything works. You’ll also be advised to arrange your mentorship call too.

Then from there, you’ll begin the training, and you get 3 hours of step-by-step affiliate marketing business training. This takes you right from the very beginning (explaining what affiliate marketing actually is) all the way through to setup & launching your first campaign.

You’ll primarily learn about using paid traffic, which is where you pay to place advertisements online & send visitors through to your campaigns with the idea of generating more profit from the offers than the cost you spend on the advertising.

The Global Affiliate Zone goes into quite good detail on this, and the team also help you set up your campaigns as well – however sadly it falls down a bit here in my opinion because whilst they do talk briefly about the free methods of generating traffic, they don’t really cover it in any sort of great detail.

But I can appreciate why – because ultimately they have geared their program towards speed, and whilst free traffic is great since it’s obviously free.. The downside is that it does take some time to generate.

So they say that paid traffic is the way to go for speed – which yes, I agree – it is… But it’s also worth pointing out that when it comes to paid traffic you do obviously have to be pretty careful since it involves spending real money.

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It also means that despite the program only costing $99/mo, if you truly want to find success with it then you’ll need to have some sort of budget set aside for advertising too.


In terms of showing you how to set up an affiliate campaign & use paid advertising to generate traffic the Global Affiliate Zone program is pretty good – and the added help from the team when it comes to setting up campaigns is obviously quite a huge bonus.

But what about the affiliate programs? What do you promote through Global Affiliate Zone?

Whilst the Global Affiliate Zone program does go over how to pick profitable affiliate programs & does give you information on how you can promote pretty much anything you want, realistically it seems to be more orientated towards the make money online & business opportunity niche.

So if you sign up to the Global Affiliate Zone program, whilst you can use the training to promote literally anything you want – ultimately you’ll likely end up promoting something that promises to help others to start up their own business too.

In fact the Global Affiliate Zone do actually have their own affiliate program, so it could end up being that you actually end up promoting the Global Affiliate Zone program itself…

Which brings me nicely onto the next point…

Is Global Affiliate Zone A MLM?

Global Affiliate Zone does offer an affiliate program, meaning people are able to sign up & promote the GAZ program onto others in return for commissions, however the company is not an MLM.

MLM, which stands for multi-level-marketing basically means that not only do people get the opportunity to earn from their own promotional efforts, but that they also get to earn from the promotional efforts of others by “recruiting” or referring them.

In short it basically means (as the name suggests) that commissions are paid out on multiple levels.

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So, for example, a typical affiliate program would pay you commissions for referring customers – and it would pay you a percentage or fixed amount based on what was sold. That is as “deep” as the commissions would go – you would only earn from your own efforts – even if those customers you referred went on to become affiliates themselves.

However, in the case of an MLM, it is different. Let’s say you did the same thing, you referred customers & you got paid commissions on the products that were sold… That works the same as above, however in this instance, if those customers then went on to become affiliates themselves then you would also earn a percentage of the commissions that they earned too… And this could go on over various levels.

As a result, many MLM’s often get referred to as pyramid schemes, but either way, the good news is that the Global Affiliate Zone is NOT an MLM as they just provide a standard affiliate program.

How Much Does Global Affiliate Zone Cost?

So like I mentioned earlier in this review the cost of the Global Affiliate Zone Pro membership (which is there primary and seemingly only membership) costs $99/mo, however there are some additional costs too…

The additional costs are for external 3rd party products that are essentially required for you to see success with what the GAZ program teaches & these include things like:

  • Email Autoresponders
  • Landing Page Builders
  • Web Hosting
  • Click Tracking Tools

Then on top of that there is also the advertising budget that you will need to have set aside since the GAZ Pro membership focuses on teaching you how to generate traffic using paid ads.

And finally, GAZ also recommend high-paying affiliate programs, some of which require fees or memberships to access so this will also add to the overall cost as well.

Global Affiliate Zone Compensation Plan

No doubt you’ll be wondering what you’ll actually get to earn if you happen to go through the Global Affiliate Zone program & then decided to promote GAZ to others, so I figured I’d touch on the Global Affiliate Zone compensation plan here too.

Basically, as an affiliate of GAZ you get the opportunity to promote the GAZ Pro membership to others, however, it’s firstly worth pointing out that whilst the affiliate program is open to everyone, you do actually have to have a GAZ Pro membership in order to join it.

They claim they make that a requirement to “maintain the integrity of their program”…

But anyway, if you do become an affiliate & promote their Pro membership plan then you’ll earn 30% commissions on the $99 sales (which is $29.70/mo) and this will be a recurring commission meaning it will be paid to you for as long as the customer keeps their membership active.

If however, the customer cancels their subscription within the first 14 days though then you won’t earn a penny, as GAZ offer a free 14 day “no questions asked” trial to new members.

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Also, as mentioned in the previous section – the cost of GAZ, the coaches do recommend various affiliate programs to members of the GAZ Pro membership & you can earn additional commissions on these too… So you’ll basically get the opportunity to connect up some third party links & if any of you referrals take up the offer of the “backend suggestions” then you’ll earn additional commissions through those sources as well.

For example, to the best of my knowledge, I believe AWOL Academy is one of their “backend” recommendations.

A good thing about their affiliate program though is that they offer what they call a “first touch principle”, which basically means that the affiliate who generates the lead earns the sale, even if another affiliate happens to finalize the sale.

So let’s say for example you have a website promoting GAZ & somebody shows interest via your affiliate link but doesn’t take out the membership there are then… And then when they come back to it they access it via somebody else’s link & then they make a purchase… The original affiliate who sent them there will actually keep the sale.

The Global Affiliate Zone Income Disclaimer

Whenever I investigate opportunities or programs like the Global Affiliate Zone one thing I usually always look out for is an income disclaimer, because this often provides a more realistic outlook on what’s involved, and what to expect.

I managed to find the Global Affiliate Zone income disclaimer relatively easily, however, I was disappointed to read that “The average annualized income for all Distributors, whether inactive or active, during the year of 2017 was $78.08“.

Now don’t get me wrong – programs like the Global Affiliate Zone offer training. There is no guarantee that people will make money & most of the people who join fail to put in any real level of effort to make things work… But come on, pretty shocking stuff isn’t it?

Fastest way to go from employee to entrepreneur“… Yet average income for all distributors for a whole year was just $78.08… Meaning it looks like most people probably decided to stick with their jobs!

There is an important thing to take into consideration here though, and that is the fact that as the income disclaimer states, the income reported in the disclaimer only includes income earned via Global Affiliate Zone & not elsewhere…

Meaning that whilst the disclaimer reports $78.08 as the average income, realistically they could be promoting a product from elsewhere, say ClickBank for example & earning over $100+ per day (as an example).

Also, interestingly 23 members did seem to find some decent level of success as 16 managed to make over $5,000 in the year & 7 managed to make over $10,000 which is not a bad chunk of change at all.

So yeah, in this instance – since the Global Affiliate Zone is not solely focused on getting to people to sign & then re-promote the same opportunity the income disclaimer is “kind of” misleading – or at least it doesn’t give the full picture.

But anyway, time to answer the next question that might be floating about in your mind after hearing that the average person apparently only makes $78.08 per year with it…

Is Global Affiliate Zone a Scam?

The Global Affiliate Zone program is definitely not a scam. It’s a legitimate training program that does as it promises & teaches people how to make money with affiliate marketing through the use of paid traffic.

However, what you have to keep in mind is that the Global Affiliate Zone (like any other training program) is not a magical solution & it is not going to see you generating money without putting hard work & dedication.

The program provides the training, but you must provide the effort.

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So in short what I’m saying is that whilst the Global Affiliate Zone might not be a scam, it is not going to just “make you money”, instead you are going to be responsible for your own success with the program.

What they teach works, and what they teach could potentially see you generating a decent income in a relatively short space of time (since that’s the nature of paid traffic)… But also, in the same breath it could also see you losing a lot of money really quickly too if you don’t follow it properly or if you fail to put together a profitable campaign.

On the plus side though they do provide an awful lot of support & they have a relatively active community in which people share advice, tips & tricks to try to minimize the “risk” involved.

So just to reiterate, Global Affiliate Zone is NOT a scam, not by any means, which brings me onto…

My Verdict on Global Affiliate Zone

If you’re looking to get started with affiliate marketing then the Global Affiliate Zone is definitely a legitimate program that you could get started with… But is it my number 1 recommendation? No, it’s not.

I mean don’t get me wrong it’s clear that the guys behind the Global Affiliate Zone have put a lot of effort into it & it does contain a whole host of high-quality training, but as far as I’m concerned there are simply better alternatives out there.

I’m not saying it’s a scam or anything like that, or that you won’t make money with it – because it is entirely possible to make good money using the training taught via the Global Affiliate Zone. All I’m saying is that I don’t feel it’s necessarily the best place to get started.

But like I say, in terms of being legitimate the Global Affiliate Zone is definitely that, and the guys who have put it together are renowned expert affiliate marketers so you can rest assured that the training is taught by genuine pros.

It’s just that I think there are other places where you’ll stand a much greater chance of finding true success…

A Better (Legit) Program For Making Money Online

So you want to make good money with affiliate marketing – or you just want an online business in general to enjoy the luxuries that it brings, such as more freedom & the ability to earn from anywhere… That’s no doubt why you came to this review.

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The reason I’m so confident that the program I’m about to share with you can help you do that is that it’s enabled me personally to build up an income of 5-figures per month online, and the training is very easy to follow (even if you’re brand new).

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