Scam Warning: Bear Grylls TV Career Is Over & The Sources of His Wealth Became Known

Bear Grylls TV Career is over & the sources of his wealth became known according to an advert that’s recently been getting heavily promoted on various social media sites.

And at a glance, the story admittedly seems legit (albeit weird) as the source appears to be BBC News as shown below:

Bear Grylls TV Career Is Over Advert

But is Bear Grylls TV career really over?

And what are the sources of Bear Grylls wealth?

As you’ll see in this blog post things are not quite as they seem and it appears that the whole thing is just fake news that’s being used to promote some known Bitcoin scams.

Is Bear Grylls TV Career Over?

Despite what the adverts claim, Bear Grylls TV career is not over – in fact, it’s actually far from it.

At the time of writing this blog post, he’s the host of Running Wild, You Vs Wild, The Island, Bears Mission with, Hostile Planet & World’s Toughest Race.

Many years ago, however, he did get “sacked” by the Discovery Channel but despite the bold headline it made in BBC News it wasn’t really as bad it seemed, it was just a contractual row.

They couldn’t reach a mutual agreement on his new programming as his show allegedly posed great risks.

But obviously it was no major setback for Bear as despite his shows now being shown on some “less prime” channels he still clearly has a solid TV presence according to his Twitter bio:

Bear Grylls Twitter Profile

So that’s probably got you wondering, why on earth has BBC News reported that his career is over?

Well, despite what the advert leads you to believe, the article stating that Bear Grylls TV career is over hasn’t actually been published by BBC News at all.

Instead, the website hosting the “news” article is a completely random website & the address shown on the advert has simply been spoofed to make it appear as

The people behind it all are simply hoping that you do not check the website URL in your browsers address bar when you reading the “news” article.

If you did, you’d quickly realise that it’s not legit.

What Are Bear Grylls Sources of Wealth?

The advert promoting the so-called news article suggests that Bear Grylls has some sort of “secret” sources of wealth, but the reality is that that’s simply not true.

I mean yes, at an estimated net worth of $24 million, Bear Grylls is clearly a very wealthy man, however, there isn’t anything shady or secret going on with regards to his wealth.

Bear Grylls still hosts 6 TV shows (at the time of writing this blog post), so of course, those shows will contribute quite a lot towards his wealth.

But on top of that, he’s also written a children’s book series & a series of thriller novels. Plus he’s also a motivational speaker & runs his own survival academy in the Scottish highlands.

However, the Bear Grylls BBC News advert wants you to believe that Bear has made his net worth through Bitcoin – specifically through a Bitcoin trading system.

If you follow the advert & read the article, you’re led to believe that Bear’s TV career ended but luckily he discovered a system which enabled him to amass a fortune in Bitcoin.

The problem?

It’s simply not true, as you’ll soon see for yourself below.

Is The Bear Grylls TV Career Over Advert a Scam?

In short, yes. It is.

If you want to legitimately earn money online, my other post here explains how you can do it – but the advice given out by the Bear Grylls “news” article is completely fake.

In fact, the whole “news” article itself is fake.

You see, the article about Bear Grylls hasn’t really been published by BBC News, nor has it been endorsed by them in any way, shape or form whatsoever.

It’s actually been created by the people behind the Bitcoin Evolution scam (and various other Bitcoin scams).

They’ve created a website & made it appear to look like a legitimate BBC News website, and then they’ve promoted it on social media & spoofed the URL in the advert.

You click on the advert & you think you’re being taken to BBC News, but you’re not, you’re being taken to a completely different website hosted by the Bitcoin scammers.

They want you to believe that Bear Grylls used the system to amass his wealth & that you can do the same, but of course the whole thing is just a con.

You’re led to believe that if you make a deposit, the system will trade Bitcoin profitably on your behalf & enable you to earn money (and lots of it) all on complete autopilot.

However, in reality, it’s nothing more than a videogame.

The system makes you believe that you’re winning to encourage you to deposit more & more to “increase your profits”, but it’s not really connected to any live markets.

This means that the money you’re depositing is just going straight into the pockets of the people behind it & when you finally try to withdraw, you’ll just be left to discover that it’s all been a con.

Bear Grylls, of course, doesn’t really have any association with it & as shown below, he’s actually made a public post on Twitter advising people to avoid it:

Bear Grylls Scam Tweet

And Bear Grylls isn’t the first celebrity they’ve used to promote the scam either.

If you read my full review of Bitcoin Evolution you’ll see that when it first launched they were actually trying to claim that it was endorsed by the likes of Bill Gates & Richard Branson.

Again, it wasn’t – it’s all just a con.

A Legitimate Alternative

If a system or program is telling you that it can enable you to make lots of money easily or quickly then the truth is that it’s likely just trying to scam you.

It’s certainly possible to make money online & my free guide here explains how, but it is not possible to make good money quickly or easily.

Instead, if you want to earn good money online you must be prepared to put in the work required to make it happen.

The good news though is that if you are prepared to put in the work to make it happen then I’ve put together a free guide to show you how you can get started.

And free means free, there’s no email address or payment required to access it.

In my guide, you’ll learn step-by-step how you can earn real money online by promoting products for companies like Amazon, etc, even if you’re just a beginner.

So feel free to check it out here before you go.

Whatever you decide to do though, whether you check out the guide or not, I hope you found my blog post here useful & I hope it helped you to avoid getting caught out by the Bear Grylls scam.

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