Agora Financial – Scam or Legit Company? My Honest Review & A Look At The Complaints!

Agora Financial Website ScreenshotAgora Financial is a financial publications company that puts out several newsletters & reports from alleged world-class financial analysts which they claim can “help you secure your financial independence so you can live the life you deserve”…

But despite their seemingly promising claims & the potentially lucrative opportunities that they share there’s actually been quite a lot of complaints about Agora Financial so what’s the TRUTH? Are they really legit, or will Agora Financial scam you & just end up taking money from you rather than actually helping you make it?

Thankfully if that’s what you’ve been looking to find out you can rest assured that you’ve landed in exactly the right place as I’ve taken a closer look into their company & the publications they put out to find out what’s really going on… And in this honest review, I’ll be uncovering everything you need to know (including of course whether or not you can really make money with their advice). ?

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Table of Contents…

When I said I’ve taken a closer look into Agora Financial I really meant it & as a result, this review is going to be pretty in-depth so for that reason I’ve decided to compile a table of contents so you can easily go straight to what you’re looking to find out… Just click on any of the links below & you’ll be taken straight to that section of my review:

Who Exactly Are Agora Financial?

Basically, just as I mentioned at the start of this review – Agora Financial is a publications company & they put out various financial related newsletters under a whole host of different names.

Some of there more popular publications (or should I say more heavily promoted publications) that you might be more familiar with include the likes of The Seven Figure Formula, the Lifetime Income Report & the Family Wealth Circle.

In fact, maybe it was coming across one of those that led you here to this review…

Anyway, Agora Financial is part of Agora Financial International, which is part of “The Agora”… And let me start off by telling you that The Agora is a HUGE publications company.

They also own the likes of Banyan Hill Publishing which itself has grown from turning over $6 million per year to a whopping $113 million per year in the last three years alone which is pretty crazy growth…

So you can probably imagine what The Agora itself is turning over with all of these “smaller” names under it’s publishing umbrella… Likely multiple hundreds of millions per year all in all.

But of course, turning over a huge sum of money on its own doesn’t necessarily mean the company is legit! After all we all know how the Wolf of Wall Street played out… ?

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In the case of Agora Financial though I can point out right from the off that the company is indeed legit – they do work with the financial analysts they claim to work with & those analysts are indeed experts in their fields… BUT there are, in my opinion at least some problems or should I say “tricks” which I’ll be letting you know about in this review.

First though before that let’s talk about…

The Agora Financial Newsletters

Agora Financial is the name of the publishing company that puts out the newsletters, but each of their newsletters is often branded in its own right & often promoted via an entirely separate website…

Take the 42-Day Retirement Plan newsletter for example – there are 2 websites promoting it (as shown below) but none of them makes any obvious mention whatsoever to being associated with Agora Financial:

42-Day Retirement Window

And this pretty much holds true for nearly of Agora Financial’s newsletters… Plus you’ll also notice that the pitches for their newsletters (as shown above) are pretty hyped-up. That also holds true for the majority of their newsletters as well… But that’s because they have a huge team of marketers who really know how to grab peoples attention (which I’ll be talking more about shortly).

Sadly though this type of marketing often seems to be the cause of their customer’s disappointment because whilst their newsletters do indeed provide some solid tips & sometimes potentially lucrative predictions, in my opinion, they often don’t live up to the hype of the sales pitches…

In fact, some people seem to be buying into Agora Financial’s newsletters without even knowing they involve investing (potentially risky investing) – they assume they’re just getting access to a “push button” money-maker & that’s reflected in some of the Agora Financial complaints.

But anyway yeah, I’ll talk about that more in a moment… Firstly I want to run over their current portfolio of newsletters/publications which consists of a whopping 42 newsletters!

In no particular order these are as follows (grouped using Agora’s own grouping terms):

Short-Term Trading

  • 42 Day Retirement Plan
  • 7-Day Spikes
  • AlphaShark Letter
  • AlphaShark Scanner PRO
  • CryptoShark Trader
  • Hot Money Trader
  • Kinetic Profits
  • Rude Awakening PRO
  • Vertical Fortunes
  • Weekly Wealth Alert

Monthly Income Generators

  • Contract Income Alert
  • Dollar Trade Club
  • Family Wealth Circle
  • Income On Demand
  • Infinite Income
  • Lifetime Income Report
  • Mike Burnick’s Amplified Income

High Growth Opportunities

  • 5 Min. Forecast
  • Jim Rickards’ Private Dealflow
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad Letter
  • The Crypto Alert
  • The Takeover Alert
  • Zach’s Weekly Squawk Box

Geopolitics & Currencies

  • Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Alert
  • Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy
  • Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator with Byron King
  • Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence
  • Massengill’s Defense Technology Alert
  • Rich Life ATM
  • Rich Life Letter

World-Changing Technologies

  • Breakthrough Technology Alert
  • Nomi Prins’ Dark Money Millionaires
  • Penny Pot Profits
  • Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader
  • Technology Profits Confidential
  • The Seven-Figure Formula


  • Advisory Reserve
  • Alan Knuckman’s Power Trading Network
  • Insider Network
  • Jim Rickards’ Unrestricted Clearance
  • Platinum Reserve

Trend Trading

  • Seven Figure Signals

So it’s safe to say the team at Agora Financial have been pretty busy in terms of putting out content, and it’s also clear that they’ve got a LOT of analysts to write for them – even the very well known Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad).

And like I say, when it comes to the newsletters – whilst the sales pitches are (in my opinion) pretty hyped up, Agora does deliver on their promises in terms of providing the content they pitched.

It’s not like they’re just tricking you into handing over your cash & then delivering you nothing in return or something entirely different… If you buy into one of their publications you will get it, and it will provide the advice promised… But you should be aware that none of their publications should be seen as an “easy” way to make money (even if they’re portrayed that way) because ultimately they’re not – and you could actually end up losing money instead.

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You see the truth is most of the advice offered out via Agora’s newsletter is investment/trading advice – and whilst you could obviously stand to make money, you can stand to lose money too… That’s just the nature of the game… And often the bigger the potential reward, the greater the potential risk so I would definitely advise caution.

One thing that is good to see though is that the analysts offering their advice through Agora’s publications do generally seem to recommend small margin stop trades – which means that if the investments go in the wrong direction your losses will be minimized.

Anyway, that brings me onto the juicy part – the part you probably came here looking for…

Agora Financial Complaints

Before I jump straight into the complaints about Agora Financial, I firstly want to reiterate the fact that Agora Financial (owned by The Agora) is a HUGE company. I don’t have the exact stats to hand, but I’m certain that each of their newsletters will have thousands upon thousands of subscribers…

In fact, it was rumoured that one of Paul Mampilly’s newsletters alone (sold through Banyan Hill, another “The Agora” owned company) had over a whopping 90,000 subscribers!

So yeah it wouldn’t surprise if Agora Financial had a million subscribers all in all across their portfolio of publications…

And the reason I’m stating that is so that you can put the complaints into perspective – because surprisingly, despite the number of potential subscribers to the company there are actually only 334 total complaints published through pissedconsumer (as shown below):

Agora Financial Complaints

However, whilst the ratio of customers to complaints might seem fair… The complaints made against Agora Financial are pretty shocking and a whopping $2,600 is reported as the average loss.

It seems that like I mentioned earlier in this review, “Misleading advertising” seems to be the number 1 problem.

People are complaining that like I also mentioned earlier, the publications are often being promoted as an “easy” way to make money – however in reality that can be far from the case. It seems that many of the investments people have made have fallen through (some even on the very same day) and as a result, they’ve lost money, not made it…

It seems their main anger though is at the fact that Agora Financial is not refunding customers on investments in these instances of losses…

However, I guess you have to look at it from Agora’s point of view. They’re selling investment-related newsletters & advice is being offered out… Now obviously there is never going to be a guarantee on that advice… It doesn’t matter how much of an expert analyst you are, nobody can predict the future with absolute accuracy.

I guess people are buying into the newsletters in the hope that they can grow their income in the short term – which is nice in theory… But when it comes to investing it’s not a good plan of attack. Investing is a long-term game, you must ride it out (expecting losses) in the hope that overall your investment grows.

And by following expert analysts you’d like to think that would certainly happen – but once again, there’s no guarantee.

So yeah the blame kinda falls on both sides here. People shouldn’t be making investments expecting to just make guaranteed returns (because that’s just crazy) and in my opinion, Agora should be making the risks a LOT clearer.

Here is one particular complaint published through the BBB that caught my attention:

They claim they have proprietary indicator that produces 82 % accurate profitable decisions. Their own last year portfolio indicates otherwise. I used their portfolio data for weekly wealth alerts for one year. I assumed I buy 100 shares each. Used their buy and sell prices, did not consider cost of buying and selling the options. It cost me $2000 to get the service for one year. At the end it showed I would be making only $1442. A loss of more than $600 for the year if you subtract cost of membership from the profits. They mislead people and do not refund any of the funds.

The reason that caught my attention is that Agora Financial actually responded to it stating “The $2,000 will be returned to the credit card you used to make your original payment in the next 5-7 business days“…

So whilst the customer’s obviously isn’t ideal – that’s a pretty fair outcome in my opinion & it shows at least that Agora Financial DO seem to have their customer’s interests in mind.

I’d imagine most other companies would write that off by simply saying “we never made any guarantees“…

Some Problems I Have With Agora Financial

After looking more closely into the company & some of their newsletters there are actually a few problems I personally have with Agora Financial myself, one of which is their advertising…

I mean I can see how people are buying into some of the publications as being “guaranteed” ways to make money because in my opinion, that’s how some of the newsletters are portrayed.

I mean the Income On Demand program, for example, makes out like you’re just going to be receiving a regular income each month which in reality just totally isn’t the case. There seems to be no mention of the possibility of you actually losing money (which based on the complaints seems to be quite a high possibility).

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If Agora Financial were selling the newsletters for what they are (no hype) then it would actually be pretty good… But of course, that would mean they wouldn’t be making as much money. Somebody is much more likely going to buy into something that boasts the potential to generate a regular income than something that states you might make money but you might not…

It seems that the marketers at Agora are just really hyping things up to make as many sales as possible… I mean I guess it’s technically legit how they’re doing it but it’s not a practice I really like.

I like honesty! So yeah that’s one of my problems with Agora Financial…

The other problem I have is that it seems a lot of their newsletters/publications come bundled with others… So you could quite easily get caught out & end up buying into more subscriptions that you actually meant to.

As an example (purely fabricated example) you might go to sign up for Income On Demand, but in the small-print, it may state that you’re getting “free” access to one of their other newsletters for x amount of month… But that it will then auto-renew after the free period is up leaving you with 2 subscriptions to pay for.

The reason I’ve had to fabricate that example is simply that I lost access to the bundled sales pages so I couldn’t tell you which ones were actually bundled, but it is something I have seen when looking through their publications.

Is Agora Financial a Scam?

Agora Financial may have its problems but it’s definitely not a scam. I mean as far as I’m concerned a scam is something that either takes your money without your consent, doesn’t provide you with what you purchased, or gives you something totally different to what you expected…

The promotional pages selling Agora Financial’s newsletters may indeed be hyped-up, but ultimately after handing over your cash you are actually getting access to the information you were promised.

I mean sure as I mentioned earlier in this review none of Agora Financial’s publications should be seen as a sure-fire way to make money or anything like that, because ultimately they’re not… And I’ll admit that it’s a shame some of them are promoted in that way… But even though you could lose money with them, you could actually still make money with them too (and many people have).

What’s more, if you take a look through some of the Agora Financial complaints that have been published on websites like the BBB you’ll see that Agora is actively trying to resolve complaints & in many instances they have even refunded the customers money. That is not the action of a scam company, as a scam company is solely set out to part people with their cash (not give them it back!).

Agora Financial Complaint Resolution

So as far as I’m concerned whilst Agora Financial could be a little better on the promotional/marketing front they are definitely not a scam & you could indeed stand to make money by following the advice within their newsletters.

It’s just important that you understand the risks & truly understand what you’re buying into before you hand over your cash – I think that’s the most important part. If you’re looking to make a quick buck then I’d say Agora is NOT for you… Similarly, if you’re down to last few thousand dollars & looking for a way out, I’d say it’s definitely not for you either.

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Their newsletters are more for people who have money that they can afford to lose & are willing to risk it on trades/investments recommended by experts that should hopefully turn a profit.

My Verdict On Agora Financial

Well Agora Financial is definitely legit in the sense that they sell access to newsletters put together by expert financial analysts & that’s exactly what they provide their customers with… However, their marketing tactics are certainly questionable, to say the least.

As I mentioned above in this review if you’re buying into an Agora Financial subscription with a clear view of what to expect & a knowledge of the potential risk involved then I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed…

However, if you’re buying an Agora Financial subscription in the hope that it’s going to provide you with some sort of way to make a guaranteed return on your investments then I’d recommend you think again about signing up because that’s NOT what they provide.

Basically the publications sent out by Agora Financial are for those who have money that they can afford to lose, and for those who are not relying on generating to profit. Essentially, people who are willing to take risks, that could potentially pay back big (but may not!).

But like I say they are definitely a legitimate company & are not a scam by any means. Sure their marketing may be a bit hyped & there might be a few tricky tactics when it comes to subscriptions but it seems Agora is pretty darn responsive in responding to & resolving customer complaints.

A Better Alternative

Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of investing or trading – I never have been because I’m not a big of risk & over the years I have discovered safer methods that can provide just as good of a return.

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For that reason, I decided to put a page together on this website which explains more about how it all works & so if you’re looking for a safe & LEGIT way to make extra cash yourself then you should definitely check it out…

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  1. Dale, thank you very much for such an information an well-structured article. I really enjoyed the reading. By the way, as of today there are 392 complaints on pissedconsumer… A lot of people are complaining about their poor customer service , deceptive practices and misleading advertising. I would love to make extra money using some company similar to Agora Financial, but this amount of bad reviews makes me think twice. Would you recommend use their services or you think there are other better alternatives?

    • There are certainly alternatives available if you don’t wish to use Agora Financial. Just have a look around this website for a few examples 🙂


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