Tai Lopez – Scam Artist? Fraudster? His NET WORTH Gets Revealed In My Review!

Tai Lopez PhotoTai Lopez portrays himself as a genuine investor, entrepreneur & author that’s apparently made multiple millions through various legitimate businesses… But there’s a lot of people online who believe otherwise, especially within the comments section of his YouTube videos…

So I’ve decided to take a closer look into Tai Lopez & his businesses myself to answer the question once & for all – is Tai Lopez a scammer? Or does he really have legitimate businesses as he claims? And just how exactly has Tai Lopez made all of his money?

Which means if you’ve been looking into buying one of his programs (like the Social Media Marketing Agency, 67 Steps or Knowledge Society), or if you’ve just been looking into him in general, then you can rest assured that you’ve landed in the right place to find out everything you need to know. ?

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When I said that I’ve taken a closer look into Tai Lopez & his businesses I wasn’t kidding, I spent DAYS researching which means that as a result, this review of Tai Lopez is going to be pretty detailed – so to make things easier for you to find what you’re looking for I’ve decided to put together a little table of contents below.

Just click on the links & you’ll be taken straight to that particular section of my review…

Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is, as he claims, an entrepreneur, investor & author… Yep, he really is – and I’ll be the first one to point out that he’s absolutely not a scammer, in fact, the guy’s actually a freaking genius.

I first came across him a LONG time ago on YouTube back when he was running some advert where he was stood in front of his Lamborghini talking about something… I can’t remember what it was.

Tai Lopez Lamborghini

To be honest I didn’t really pay much attention to him, but then a few times over the years after that I have seen him again & again… Until one time I actually decided to hear him out.

I can remember him starting out all of his videos by saying “here in my garage“, and he’s actually gotten pretty well known for that phrase as a result. Anyway, basically, when I heard him out I remember him talking about his Lamborghini (once again) – and then talking about how his “business” has been able to allow him to afford it…

Naturally, I got pretty interested, I remember thinking how the heck does this random guy on YouTube have a Lamborghini? He seemed like a pretty “average Joe” in his videos – and that’s what he’s excellent at.

He’s excellent at grabbing peoples attention & getting them interested – I mean next level excellent… He’s one of the best online marketers there is – and online marketing is how he makes most of his money.

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Not only does he sell his own self-development programs such as The 67 Steps, Social Media Marketing Agency & Knowledge Society, but he also promotes other people’s stuff as an affiliate too. The guy basically has it nailed, he’s making money from all sorts of different angles…

But because of his approach, it seems a lot of people are quick to shoot his down as a scammer.

They seem “boasting” with his luxury cars and huge mansions and either assume that he “must” be conning people to make that much, or try to shoot him down just out of pure jealousy.

Tai Lopez Scam

I’ll talk more about that a little further into this review but for now, all you need to know is that he is indeed a legitimate guy, and he does indeed have legitimate businesses (which I’ll also explain more about as well).

Anyway, for now, back on who Tai Lopez is…

Tai has actually had a pretty crazy (or should I say interesting/different) life from what I’ve heard him say in his various interviews/TEDTalks. I mean before he made all of his millions he was actually living with the Amish…

Yeah, kinda surprising isn’t it? He was apparently living with them for 2 & a half years… And his mum apparently lived in a tiny camper van…

It was his upbringing that he says spurred him on towards becoming an entrepreneur – but he also says it wasn’t all plain sailing by any means. There was actually a point where he had supposedly run out of money trying to “make his big break” and had to go back to sleeping on his mum’s couch in her camper van because he had nothing left…

It was from there though, when he allegedly talked five multi-millionaire entrepreneurs into mentoring him that he began his journey to success.

He became a Certified Financial Planner (possibly via one of those entrepreneurs) & he started working in the world of finance, eventually moving up to becoming an advisor for more than 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

Tai began getting traction, and with the money he was making he set up his own book club – because from a young age he had always been about reading books (according to him anyway).

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His book club rapidly grew to be one of the biggest in the world & that’s when he launched one of his first self-development programs sharing what he had learned from his mentors that enable him to achieve all that success which he named The 67 Steps.

He marketed that online (through his “here in my garage” style videos on YouTube) and that’s when his online audience began to grow as his videos got absolutely massive exposure…

Now he has…

  • Over 2.9 million followers on Instagram
  • Over 6.2 millions fans on Facebook
  • Over 1.2 million followers on Twitter
  • And an INSANE following on Snapchat

Pretty crazy right? And it all started way back from those videos he was throwing out on YouTube stood in front of his Lambo…

In fact, his social media following actually got so big that Entrepreneur Magazine named him the world’s number 1 social media influencer which is one heck of a title for sure.

So yeah like I said a little earlier in this review when it comes to marketing he certainly knows his stuff! And since then he’s gone on to release/market many more self-development programs which brings me onto…

What Are Tai Lopez’s Programs & Do They Work?

Okay so as I mentioned above Tai Lopez’s seemingly most popular programs which you might have already heard of prior to arriving at this review are The 67 Steps, Social Media Marketing Agency & Knowledge Society… But he has a LOT more than just those 3.

A full list of Tai Lopez’s programs includes:

  • The 67 Steps
  • Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0
  • 5 Minute Mentor
  • Knowledge Society
  • Ecommerce Blueprint
  • 12 Foundations
  • Bitcoin Crypto Academy
  • Entrepreneur Starter Kit
  • Credit Mentor
  • Real Estate Flipping
  • Master Plan Seminar
  • Social Media Secrets
  • Fundamentals of Investing
  • VIP Lifestyle Training
  • Knowledge Bank
  • The Accelerator: Money

He also has a couple of personal coaching call services that he’s soon to be launching too. These include once a month “VIP” coaching calls and advanced business coaching calls.

As to exactly what the coaching calls entail I don’t yet know as the details haven’t been released but apparently through those services, you will indeed be getting direct access to Tai himself.

But anyway, aside from what his programs actually are – one thing I often get asked is “do his programs actually work?“…

Now I’m not gonna lie I find that a bit of a weird question because it kinda implies that people think they can just sign up to his programs & magically become wealthy just like him – but it sure as heck doesn’t work that way.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice if it did! But nope… His programs aren’t gonna make you rich.

What I will say though is that all of Tai’s programs are darn good in the sense that they’re packed with massive value. So let’s say you bought into his Social Media Marketing Agency program with the intention of setting up your own SMMA (and know that you have to put in the work to do so). If you follow his course to the letter, it WILL help you out – there’s no doubt about that.

In fact, Tai is kinda less hype, more value… Whereas most marketers are like tons of hype, then little value inside the program.

So I guess to answer “do Tai Lopez’s programs work?” – the answer would be yes, they do… They serve their purpose anyway, put it that way.

How Does Tai Lopez Make Money?

LOL, this is the big one that everyone seems to want to know… How the heck does Tai Lopez actually make his money? He has Lamborghini’s, Rolls Royce’s, a huge mansion in Beverley Hills… WTF does he do?

Well like I started out talking about at the beginning of this review, not only does Tai Lopez have one of the world’s biggest book clubs – but he’s also one of the world’s best online marketers & influencers.

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His book club has a reach of over 1.4 million people in over 40 countries so you can sure as heck believe that’s bringing in a ton of cash… But the amount of reach he personally has over social media is INSANE.

I mean literally he could put out one post on his network and reach over 10 million people… That is literally push-button money.

Obviously he makes money by selling his programs to his audience (such as those that I just listed above in the previous section), but he also makes money as an affiliate marketer too.

And in case you don’t know affiliate marketing is basically where you promote other peoples products or services in return for commissions on any sales you manage to generate, so it kinda looks like this:

Affiliate Marketing Step By Step Explained

Let’s say he promotes some online course that costs $100 which pays him a 50% commission (which may do) and he pushes this promotion out to his whole social media audience…

That’s a potential reach of 10 million people and he stands to earn a $50 commission on every purchase… Let’s say just a mere 1% of his audience make a purchase, that would still earn him a whopping $5,000,000 in commissions… Crazy!

And that is literally from just 1 social media post…

So now can you see how he’s able to make so much money to buy all of those luxury cars & mansions? The guy has the potential to be making an absolute fortune from every single post he puts out…

And what’s even crazier is that some people on his YouTube channel keep stating that he’s a fake and that the cars/mansions are just rented LOL. Nope, I’m pretty confident with that kind of income he’s paid for them!

Also, can you imagine how much it would be to rent that home + the cars? That would still be crazy on its own! Some people just love hating. ?

Alongside that, as he mentions in his bio he also makes money from investments & he’s also a published author so he earns from that too. Basically the guy earns from everywhere. ?

What Is Tai Lopez’s Net Worth?

It seems a lot of people also want to know Tai Lopez’s net worth too – and to be honest, I was pretty curious myself so I was kinda interested to research about this but I was actually quite surprised about what I found.

Apparently, according to a few “unofficial” sites his net worth is rumoured to be around $5 million – with some sites stating that it’s more like $3 to $5 million, but that came as quite a shock to me especially after what I just talked about above & his potential earnings from promoting stuff.

Tai Lopez Net Worth

I was expecting his net worth to be WAY more than that… And to be honest, maybe it is – because I did a LOT of digging & I couldn’t really find any sources I could put a lot of trust into regarding his net worth.

The $3 to $5 million figure could just be rumoured…

OR, one thing I’ve noticed is that Tai Lopez actually doesn’t do a crazy amount of promoting through his social media channels. He mainly puts out free value rather than shameless plugs…

It seems his ratio of value/promotion is around 80%/20% – and whilst you might be wondering why he doesn’t just run a ton of promotions to his followers to make more money, he’s likely keeping a focus on value to continually build up his base.

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So I don’t know… Maybe the $5 million net worth is true, maybe it’s not…

Then again I guess the guy probably spends a sh*t ton on advertising so maybe overall his profit margins actually pretty small… I don’t know, I’m just making guesses – still in a bit of shock at the figure that’s all.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Tai Lopez’s net worth figure so feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this review & let me know what you think about it. Do you think it’s right?

Keep reading the rest of this review to find out more about him first though…

Is Tai Lopez a Scammer?

No, no, no & no! Tai Lopez is absolutely not a scammer in any way shape or form, he’s totally legit, he has extremely successful businesses, he’s an excellent marketer & he packs massive value into his programs.

So what about the Tai Lopez scam rumours? I hear you ask…

Well, as far as I’m concerned those rumours are just total BS – and surprise surprise most of them are found in the comments section of YouTube (which is kind of the worst place on the internet for trolls).

I think the reason so many people have come out & called him a scammer is simply because of the way he promotes (or used to promote) his stuff – you know, standing in front of Lamborghini’s etc…

People see that stuff & they get super jealous so what they do? They run to the comments section and try to shoot him down or damage his reputation by calling him a scammer.

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Like I said earlier in this review people even waste their time commenting on his videos saying that he rents all of his stuff – but even if he did, can you imagine how much it would cost to rent all that stuff?

A Lamborghini, a Rolls Royce (among other super-cars) & a luxury mansion in Beverley Hills? I looked on one website & the cheapest mansion rental I could find in Beverley Hills was $1,357 per night… So even if he’s renting, he’s still raking it in LOL.

Beverley Hills Mansion Rentals

Plus, most of the stuff Tai Lopez puts out is entirely free. Sure he has some courses that he makes money off, but if you actually watch his videos on YouTube or social media you’ll see that most of them aren’t promoting anything at all… They’re just pure free value.

I guess it’s proof that you can just never please everybody. ?

So Is Tai Lopez Legit?

Well yup, as far as I’m concerned he is – I mean you have to remember that this guy has literally been named the number 1 social media influencer in the world, so it would be pretty hard to have that much exposure & still manage to get away with scamming people.

Plus alongside that he’s even got several celebrity friends – and I’ve even seen a video of him hanging out with the likes of Rihanna. Do you think these celebs make a habit of hanging around with internet scammers? I don’t think so.

Tai Lopez Rihanna

On top of that, the billionaire Mark Cuban even hung out around his house which you can watch on YouTube here.

Tai Lopez also facetimed Bill Clinton as well, the former president of the USA & he’s also put that video on YouTube here as well.

I honestly don’t know how anyone can actually say Tai Lopez is a scammer – it has to be done purely out of jealousy because I really don’t see any other way you could come to that conclusion.

My Verdict on Tai Lopez

In my opinion, Tai Lopez is a great guy, I regularly watch his stuff & he puts out a lot of great advice. He certainly knows what he’s talking about, he’s had massive success & he definitely knows how to market things (including himself) effectively online.

I would also quite easily recommend any of his programs too because I have personally taken a look into them and I know that they are absolutely jam-packed with massive value.

Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of scammers online and it’s true that you have to be careful but Tai Lopez is not one of them – I can say that confidently from what I have seen of him.

If you want to check him out or follow him here are some of his social links: Tai Lopez Facebook / Tai Lopez Twitter / Tai Lopez YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Tai Lopez – Scam Artist? Fraudster? His NET WORTH Gets Revealed In My Review!”

    • You’re totally right David, thee are a lot of so-called “gurus” to be found in the online make-money space. Thanks for the taking the time to comment.

  1. Call that one wrong mate Tai Lopez is a Scammer!

    Proven by a journalist who investigated him on Medium.

    I’m just as shocked myself..I would have never have thought it!

    It’s all a show and millions fall for it!..even celebs!

    • Hi Albert, I’m not sure if you read the entire article that you linked me too but it basically arrives at the same verdict I did here. It doesn’t say that he’s a scammer.


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