Inbox Income SCAM Exposed – Read My Review Before Buying Into This System!

The Inbox Income system has just launched this week & it promises to provide its visitors with an easy way to begin earning as much as $750 per day just by sending “simple little emails”, even if they’ve never made a single penny online before…

Inbox Income System Website Screenshot

The creator of the system who’s named Steve Allen also claims that he will guarantee the results too, but no doubt you’re pretty sceptical about it so what’s the truth? Is it really a legitimate system that can help you make money like it claims, or will the Inbox Income system scam you & end up just leaving you out of pocket instead?

Well, you can rest assured that you’ve landed in the right place to find out the answers to those questions as I’ve taken a closer into it myself & in this honest review I’ll be exposing everything you need to know, including how it all really works & whether or not you can actually make any money with it at all. ?

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Honestly, when I said I’d taken a closer look into the Inbox Income system above I really meant it… I spent a whole day looking into this system & I’ve left no stone unturned which means this is gonna be a pretty darn in-depth review about it… So to make things easier for you I’ve put together a little bunch of links below which will enable you to easily jump straight to the section that you’re interested in. ?

What Is Inbox Income?

The Inbox Income system is a brand new money-making system that promises to provide you (and it’s other visitors) with a stupidly easy way to make between $500 & $750 per day online – just by sending out “simple little emails”…

And as I mentioned at the very start of this review the website for the system even claims to guarantee that you’ll get results.

Inbox Income Income Claim

The system has actually only just recently launched (literally less than a week ago at the time of writing this review) however despite its recent launch it has already gained a lot of interest online, but that’s hardly surprising given the extremely bold claims it makes…

Naturally, people are interested in finding out what it’s all about, how it actually works, and of course whether or not it’s a scam – which is probably the same reason you are also reading this review.

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And you’ll have probably noticed that the video for the Inbox Income system doesn’t really give a great deal away with regards to any of that.

Instead of the video for the system, rather than going into detail on how it works, just shows you a whole bunch of people who are apparently making money with it. They tell you how easy it is & how the system has changed their lives – but if you look closely at those people it appears that they seem to be reading from a script, which makes me suspect that they might be actors.

If they are indeed actors then that raises all sorts of questions – and means the system is likely a scam… But you’ll find out about that shortly when I dig deeper into that side of things.

For now, I want to talk about what happens next in the video, because after you’re presented with clips of all the people who are allegedly making money with it, you’re then given a brief explanation on how it’s supposed to work…

So basically the whole thing is supposed to revolve around sending out “simple emails” and then watching the commissions coming rolling in…

Steve Allen, the guy who’s created it claims that the first thing you need to do is type out a quick email – but as he’s walking you through that process of doing that he shows you a screen from AWeber (as shown below):

AWeber Screen

This is important because you’ll see how this all pieces together shortly when I show you how it really works. But anyway, after he shows you the AWeber screen where he typed his email, he then moves on to the ClickSure website which he says is where you’ll watch your commissions roll in (as shown below):

ClickSure Dashboard

Now if you’re totally new to making money online then these 2 websites (AWeber & ClickSure) probably won’t mean anything to you – but because I have the experience, I can tell you right from the off exactly what’s going on here…

You see AWeber is a tool that’s used to build email lists – so you can set up a form for people to subscribe to your list by entering their name & email, and then through AWeber, you can send a “mass email” to each of the subscribers on your list all at once.

And ClickSure is an affiliate marketing network (known for containing a lot of scams) which means you can find offers there, get unique links & promote them in return for commissions.

So the concept behind the Inbox Income system is that you’re going to be building an email list via AWeber & then promoting things from the ClickSure network to your subscribers… However, in reality, this is much more difficult than you’re being led to believe by Steve Allen, the creator of Inbox Income.

It seems to me like he’s just trying to trick you into signing up by making it seem easy so that he can get your cash…

Can You Really Make Money By Sending Emails?

The honest truth is that yes, you can actually make money by sending emails – and you can actually make money with the exact method that Steve Allen talks about through the Inbox Income system, but there is a big problem with this system in particular…

The problem is that whilst you can actually make money with the method, there is a lot more to the method than Steve talks about, and it seems he purposefully makes it seem WAY easier than it actually is.

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You see, Steve claims that you just need to log in, type a quick 10-second email & hit send then watch the commissions roll in…

That is literally how easy he describes it as being.

But here’s the TRUTH about how you make money sending emails using the method that he “briefly” describes through his Inbox Income system…

  • Firstly you would need to set up a website or some sort of landing page, where you will host the form for your subscribers to enter their names & email addresses.
  • Then you would need to get traffic (visitors) to this page… Because if nobody is visiting the page, nobody will enter their email – and you need people to subscribe with their email in order to stand a chance to make money.
  • Then you need to submit an application to various affiliate networks (many of which won’t accept you unless you have a professional-looking website – including ClickSure).
  • Finally, you need to create well written, value-driven emails to send to your subscribers (containing affiliate links). This is important because if you send the crappy emails that Steve demonstrated in his video you’ll get marked as spam & your email account will just get closed.

So as you can see there are some major steps that Steve “forgot” to talk about in his Inbox Income video – and it’s a coincidence that these just so happen to be the most major steps of the process. After all if you’re not getting visitors to your subscription form, then you won’t get anybody on your email list which means you won’t make any money.

Does Inbox Income teach you how to do all this stuff on the inside? Will it really help you earn like $750 per day as it claims? That is what I will reveal next, but first, we need to take a closer look at the system’s creator…

Who Is Behind The Inbox Income System?

As I’ve already mentioned a couple of times throughout this review the guy who has supposedly created the Inbox Income system is named Steve Allen, or at least that’s what you’re told anyway…

However, after running several Google searches on our Mr Steve Allen, I was unable to find anything at all to prove that he actually exists, which is very unusual indeed given that he claims he’s made millions through his method of affiliate marketing.

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I mean if he had really come up with a method that was truly so easy & enabled people to make so much money like he claims then I’m pretty sure there’d be some information on him somewhere…

But nope – not a thing… Which leads me to believe that “Steve Allen” may be a fake name.

And it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen a system giving a fake name for its creator – it actually happens quite often with scam systems because they do it to hide the true identity of whoever is really behind it.

You see this way by using a fake name (if that is indeed what they’re doing) they can escape the negative reviews & continue scamming people out of their hard-earned cash by simply rebranding the system under a new name & once again changing the name of the so-called creator.

It leaves no trace back to whoever is truly behind the whole thing & means (unfortunately) they can keep earning at the expense of others…

So yeah, whilst I don’t have solid proof one way or the other, it’s safe to say that I’m pretty sceptical about Steve Allen being the real person behind the whole Inbox Income thing.

How Much Does Inbox Income Cost?

One of the most concerning things about the Inbox Income system is that very little is given away as to how it actually works & instead to find out more you’re pushed into handing over your cash… But no doubt before you do that you’re wondering how much does it actually cost?

Well, in order to get “initial access” to the Inbox Income system you’ll be required to pay $49… But if you think the cost will end there, think again.

Inbox Income System Cost

Not only does the Inbox Income system contain several upsells inside which could cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more, but it requires you to sign up to several third party websites too (which also cost money).

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For example, as I mentioned towards the beginning of this review you’ll be using AWeber to send the emails which costs at least $19/mo, and increases to $149/mo+ depending on the number of subscribers you have,

Then, as I also mentioned you’ll need somewhere to create a website or landing page, and you’ll likely be recommended ClickFunnels which costs at least $97/mo, or $297/mo if you want to actually be able to manage email lists there.

So basically in short what I’m saying is that the Inbox Income is freaking expensive! And $49 is definitely not all it costs.

Some Red-Flags On The Sales Page

As I said at the beginning of this review, I spent a LOT of time researching into the Inbox Income system – almost a full day, and one thing I noticed was that despite spending so long looking at the system, the counter (telling you how many positions are supposedly left) never changed at all.

All the day the “counter” told me that there were only 13 positions left, as shown below:

Inbox Income System Positions Left

And that’s when I realized that the counter was totally fake – it’s actually just an image on the page, so in reality, they’re just using it as a scarcity tactic to try & trick you into signing up real quick.

Now, why would they want to do that? Well, my guess is to try & prevent you from feeling like you have time to look for reviews… Because if you do look for reviews, the creators know they are likely going to be bad!

Then I noticed something else which is even more worrying… After watching the video for some time I noticed that one of the ladies who appear in it (who they call Mary) is actually an actor from the website Fiverr.

Below you can see her shown in the video, and alongside it, you can see her “actor page” on the Fiverr website:

Inbox Income Fiverr Actor

That is crazy, the creator of the Inbox Income system is literally paying actors to pretend that they have been making money from the system… So if it really worked as promised, then why would whoever is truly behind the system have to go to such lengths?

It is starting to look a LOT like a scam for sure, which brings me onto…

How Does Inbox Income Work?

Okay so despite all of the hype on the Inbox Income website, the system itself does not actually work as promised – in fact the truth is there is no “system” at all.

Whilst you’re led to believe that you’ll be getting access to some sort of really easy to make a lot of money by sending emails, that is not the case – and instead after handing over your money, you will just be provided with some low-quality training.

The training will teach you how to set up a landing page, how to collect emails (from subscribers) and how to market affiliate products to them in return for commissions… But there are some problems here.

Firstly, as I just mentioned the training is VERY low quality which means you’ll find it difficult to follow (especially as a newbie) and it will likely just leave you feeling frustrated or confused.

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And secondly, the whole thing is WAY harder than you’re led to believe. I mean the video makes out like you’ll be able to start making money right away but that’s simply not true.

Instead, you’ll be required to follow the training & build things from the ground up, which means it could take you months before you even see so much as your first $1 commission… And all the while you’ll be required to pay out monthly subscription fees for various different services.

The chance of you building anything anywhere near to a $500 to $750 per day income is very slim, as even many expert affiliate marketers never make it to such a level.

I mean sure, don’t get me wrong – the method the whole thing is based around is indeed legitimate & it is possible to make money with it, but in my opinion, the Inbox Income program is NOT the right program to help you achieve success with it.

It seems to me that the creator of the Inbox Income system is more interested in earning himself some money by tricking you into signing up than he is at actually helping you find success, which brings me onto…

Is Inbox Income a Scam?

Well, in my opinion, yes, the Inbox Income system is a scam. The reason I say that is because even though they do give you access to some training, the way they sell it to you is totally misleading.

To be honest, that’s probably too nice a way of putting it, the truth is that the whole thing is built on lies & it’s clear to me that the creator of it (who likely isn’t really named Steve Allen) just wants to make some money at your expense.

He doesn’t really care about the members of the system finding success & that’s why the website contains so many tricks to get people to sign up rather than actually being honest about what it entails.

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I mean you’re promised some sort of “job” sending emails, which leads you to believe that you can simply sign up and start making money right away but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, you’re just given some training on how to start an email marketing business from the ground up which could take months of work & investment before you even manage to make your first commission.

So ultimately I feel like if you sign up to the Inbox Income system & hand over your cash to do so, you’ll just be disappointed at what you receive because it is NOT what you were promised.

My Verdict on The Inbox Income System

There is simply no way I am going to be recommending the Inbox Income system to you because as far as I’m concerned it’s just bad news & like I mentioned above I personally believe the whole thing to be a scam which is just set out to take your cash.

As far as I’m concerned there is absolutely no way you will make anywhere near $500 to $750 per day by buying into the Inbox Income program & to be honest because the training is so poor I think you’d be lucky if you even managed to make so much as $1 from it…

In reality, you will likely find yourself spending much more through the program than you ever actually manage to make & I believe that as a result, the only person who’ll really make money from the whole thing is the creator who’s put it together.

So overall like I say there is no way I will be recommending it to you because not only will it leave you disappointed (and potentially result in you losing a lot of money) but I personally believe there is a better way to make good money online…

A Better Way To Legitimately Make Good Money

The chances are if you come across the Inbox Income system you were looking for ways to make extra money – or if you weren’t, now after coming across it, you might be interested in doing exactly that…

Well just because the Inbox Income system is a scam doesn’t mean you can’t make money, because thankfully there are indeed legitimate programs out there which you can get started with.

I personally have been using the exact method I’m about to share with you to earn over 5-figures per month every month & it’s my no.1 recommendation for making money online.

You can check it out & see how it all works by clicking the link below…

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