1K Daily Profit – Scam or Legit System? Review Uncovers How It Really Works

The 1K Daily Profit system which has allegedly been put together by a guy named John Becker promises that it can provide you with a super-easy way to begin making profits of $1,000 per day online, even if you’ve never managed to make so much as a single penny online before…

1K Daily Profit System Website Screenshot

You’re led to believe by John Becker that you can just simply sign up & that the system will start making money for you right away without you even having to do anything… But is it truly legit, or is will the 1K Daily Profit system scam you instead?

Well, you can rest assured that you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out as I’ve personally taken a closer look into the 1K Daily Profit system to see exactly how it all really works & in this honest review I’ll be uncovering the truth – as well as determining whether or not you can really make any money with it as John Becker claims. ?

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Whenever I investigate systems like the 1K Daily Profit system I always make sure I leave no stone unturned & as a result, sometimes my reviews can get quite lengthy. So to make things easier for you I’ve put together some quick navigation links below which you can use to jump straight to the specific information that you came here looking for.

What Is 1K Daily Profit?

The 1K Daily Profit system is a system that claims to have been built around the exact same algorithm that top billionaire investors like Warren Buffet use to accurately predict the direction of trades.

You’re led to believe that the whole thing is completely free and that it will provide you with a way to generate an automated income through online binary options trading – even if you have no prior trading experience whatsoever or no experience at making money online.

John Becker, the guy who’s allegedly put it all together states that you can literally just “plugin and profit”… And he portrays the idea that you can even begin making money the very same day you get started.

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But no doubt you’ll agree with me when I say that the whole thing just sounds too good to be true… And you likely know what they say about things that sound too good to be true… They usually are!

I mean, if it really works then why is John giving out access to his system for free? In fact, why is he even sharing this method for others? What’s in it for him? And also, why isn’t everybody doing this?

If there was truly such a way to generate $1,000 per day so easily (legitimately) then I’m pretty sure we’d be hearing about it on the news, not via a spam email or random link online… And despite what the 1K Daily Profit website wants you to believe, I can state right from the off that it has NOT been featured in the news.

So what’s really going on here? Can you really make any money with the 1K Daily Profit system? We’ll take a closer look at that in a moment but first I want to take a closer look into its so-called creator, John Becker…

Who Is John Becker?

Over & over on the 1K Daily Profits website, you’re told that John Becker is the brains behind the whole thing & that he’s the guy that has created the auto-trading software which can supposedly enable people to earn $1,000 per day…

You’re even shown a picture of John Becker too…

And at first glance, it seems fairly legit – it’s almost reassuring to see a “face” behind the system, and after looking at the photo of John you could lean towards becoming more trusting of the whole thing…

After all, why would a guy make a scam, then should show you his name & photo?

But guess what? John Becker is a phoney! That’s right, the photo (as shown below) has actually just been pulled from a stock photo website – and the name is just a completely alias.

John Becker Fake

John Becker, “Founder, 1K Daily Profit”, doesn’t exist. He’s just a made-up character that the people who are really behind the 1K Daily Profit system have used to hide their true identity…

So why would they want to hide their identity? Let’s take a look…

How Does 1K Daily Profit Work?

So as our guy John Becker mentions (who happens to be fake), the 1K Daily Profit system is supposed to be a “done-for-you” system, in that the concept is that you can just sign up, deposit some money, hit “start” & begin profiting…

It has allegedly been built around the exact same algorithm that you’re told is used by top billionaire investors like Warren Buffet, and so the system essentially makes trades using this algorithm entirely on your behalf.

Essentially it’s just portrayed as a sure-fire way to make quick & easy money…

But there’s a big problem – and that is the fact that the whole thing actually revolves around something called binary options trading, which is a VERY risky means of trading.

In fact, in my personal opinion, I believe binary trading to be nothing but a big scam as I’ve never seen so much as a single person manage to make sustainable profits from it… And there have been many, many binary scams that I’ve exposed – like the Bitcoin Evolution scam for example.

More often than not, when I find out a system is linked to binary options, usually, the system turns out to be a scam… So it’s safe to say that I’m VERY suspicious about the 1K Daily Profit system, especially since the true creators of it have chosen to lie & use the fake name of John Becker too.

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But what exactly is binary options trading I hear you ask?

Well, unlike normal trading where you actually invest in something & later sell it based on its new price (in the hope that it increases in value), binary options trading is more like betting – and so instead of investing in something you actually place bets on which way you think it will go.

This can seem appealing because it means you can still profit from something even if it drops in value (providing that you guessed it was going to drop), but because the time windows of the bets are so small (usually 60 seconds or less) it’s almost impossible to make any sort of accurate prediction.

So essentially it’s designed to look easy, but in reality, it’s ridiculously difficult… And that’s why most people end up going to LOSE money rather than actually make it.

And that’s where the systems like the 1K Daily Profit system come in… They claim to have the “missing ingredient” to helping you profit from binary options trading, but more often than not they are just scams to trick you into depositing with a broker.

And unfortunately, I can tell you that the 1K Daily Profit system is indeed just another one of those scams, which brings me onto…

How The 1K Daily Profit System Really Works

So in short, the truth is that the 1K Daily Profit simply doesn’t work as promised, and the only thing it will really help you do is LOSE money, not make it as it claims.

You see the 1K Daily Profit system is basically nothing more than a ploy that’s been designed to trick you into signing up with a rogue binary options broker… A broker that’s just out to steal your cash.

And that’s why in order to get access to the system you have to first make a deposit via their so-called “recommended” broker…

1K Daily Profit Broker

But after depositing via the broker (which if you haven’t done so already I don’t recommend doing) then you’ll be left to find out the hard way that the whole thing just doesn’t work as promised.

Only at that point, you’ll have lost your money and unless you follow the steps in my guide for getting money back from a scam, you’ll struggle to get it back as the broker will do everything they can to keep it from you.

So it looks like this…

The 1K Daily Profit system makes out to be some sort of great & easy way to make lots of money. Admittedly you might be sceptical, but they also make it all seem pretty risk-free.

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You’re led to believe that you can simply deposit, try it out, and that if things don’t work out you can just get your money back – only it doesn’t actually work that way.

What they don’t tell you is that they’re affiliated with the broker that they recommend to you, which means that when you sign up with them & deposit, the creators of the 1K Daily Profit system get paid a commission.

And that’s literally all they’re interested in…

The whole thing is just a trick so that you’ll deposit & so that they’ll earn a commission. From there you’ll get access to the system as promised, and it will indeed trade on your behalf – but all of the trades will be losses.

You see binary options brokers only make money when you lose money – so it wouldn’t make sense for them to be paying commissions to the creators of a system that helps people make money… Such a system would actually end up putting them out of business… But they know it will never exist.

They know that if you go through the 1K Daily Profit system you will actually lose money, and that’s why they’re paying the creators the commissions that they are.

1K Daily Profit System Red-Flags

There are just tons & tons of red-flags with the 1K Daily Profit system that immediately highlight to me that it’s likely a scam, and I want to point some of them out to you so that you can more easily spot a scam in the future yourself.

1. Too Good To Be True

First, there’s the obvious one. The whole thing is just way too freaking good to be true. If a system can really generate people so much money so easily then ask yourself, why are people still working their jobs? Why isn’t it being featured on the news? Why aren’t your friends telling you about? The answer 9.9 times out of 10 is because it’s a scam!

2. Fake Creator Name

As I outlined a the very start of this 1K Daily Profit review the creator of the whole thing, or the guy that you’re “told” created it – John Becker – is a total fake. His photo is from a stock image website, and his name has absolutely no mentions related to binary options trading or software development anywhere on the internet.

3. Stupid Scarcity Tactics

Sometimes even legitimate websites use scarcity tactics – they have a special discount on & only giving X amount of people access or something… But all of the scarcity tactics on the 1K Daily Profit website are totally fake, and you can tell that by refreshing the page in your browser. You’ll see all the “counters” just go back to their original number… Meaning they’re nothing but gimmicks & they’ve just been put there to try & rush you into signing up so that you don’t see the bad 1K Daily Profit reviews.

4. No Address or License

The 1K Daily Profit website is all about trading, and trading-related websites require licenses, and they are also required to state their office address on all of their marketing material… But the 1K Daily Profit system does neither. They don’t have a license, and they don’t share any contact details whatsoever on their website which is a HUGE red flag.

5. Broker Affiliation

As mentioned earlier in this review, binary options brokers only make money when their customers lose money as they don’t add fees to their trades. So it is in the broker’s interest for you to lose money, therefore NO broker would ever affiliate themselves with a website like 1K Daily Profit if it really worked, as it would quickly put them out of business. The affiliation proves that the whole thing is fake.

Is 1K Daily Profit a Scam?

There’s absolutely no doubt about it, the 1K Daily Profit system is indeed a scam & it’s set out to do nothing other than part you with your hard-earned cash just so that its creators can get wealthy at your expense. It will NOT help you make money as it claims.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s very convincing – especially if you’re new to making money online, but it simply does not work.

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The reason I can say that so confidently is because I’ve seen this exact same scam several times before. These systems launch regularly & they just use different names, like Bitcoin Evolution – which is another alternative version of the scam that I’ve previously exposed.

The way these things catch most people out though is by making themselves seem “risk-free”, so you absolutely need to 100% understand that the 1K Daily Profit system is NOT risk-free, and any money you deposit into it, you will lose.

…but FYI my free money reclaim guide can help you get lost money back.

My Verdict on The 1K Daily Profit System

The 1K Daily Profit system is nothing but bad news & you should definitely steer clear of it. Admittedly it seems to be appealing, after all, who doesn’t want quick & easy money… But it just flat-out does not work as promised.

It will just trick you into signing up with a scam binary options broker, then it will just leave you to discover the hard way that the whole thing doesn’t work as promised – but by then you’ll be left without your cash.

There are indeed many legitimate ways to make money online (which I’ll talk about next) but the 1K Daily Profit system is definitely not one of them. It’s built up purely on lies & deceit and the only people truly making money from it are the creators & the brokers that are associated with it.

So for those reasons, it’s safe to say that I do not recommend the 1K Daily Profit system at all… But if you are still looking to make money online then keep reading because there’s some good news…

A Better & Legit Way To Make Good Money

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