Get Your Money Back From a Scam

Whilst I obviously try & do my absolute best to help make sure people find about scams before they get caught out by them, sadly it seems a lot of the visitors to this website have already been parted with their cash prior to arriving here…

And maybe that’s you?

Maybe you’ve come across a program or system that promised it was going to help you make good money online but it’s turned out to be nothing but lies & now you’re left out of pocket?

If so, don’t worry… There’s still hope!

If you’ve lost money to an online scam then there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get it back.

I’ve partnered up with a company called MyChargeBack & they’re offering free consultations with any of my website visitors who feel like they’ve been conned or fallen victim a scam (even if it happened to be some time ago).

All you need to do is head to their website by clicking here and either give them a call or jump onto live chat with them. One of their advisers will take a look at your case & let you know how to best go about getting your money back.

You can be reassured by the fact that they have an extremely high success rate.

In fact I personally haven’t heard of a single case to date where they weren’t able to get the persons money back so it’s definitely worth reaching out to them to see if they can help – after all the consultation with them is completely free.

Here’s the link again to their website -> (click here).

Alternative Things You Can Try To Get Your Money Back…

If you feel like you’ve been scammed & for whatever reason you would prefer to try & get the money back yourself rather than let MyChargeBack take on the case for you then here’s a few things you can try…

1. Ask Them Directly For a Refund

Sounds silly, but surprisingly many people who get scammed online actually don’t end up ever asking for a refund. Whether they feel too embarrassed or just want to forget about it, they overlook this seemingly simple solution.

Before you try any of the other methods of getting your money back it’s wise to simply reach out to whomever it was you sent the money to & ask them politely to refund you.

Somewhere on their website (usually on a contact page or in the page footer) there should be an email address, phone number or contact form. Try this as your first port of call.

As you can imagine if it truly is a scam then it’s unlikely that this step will prove to be effective, but it is definitely worth a try before proceeding to escalate things via another route.

Don’t make threats though & don’t be rude. Just keep it polite & professional.

2. Ask The Merchant For a Refund

If you’ve tried contacting the owners of whatever it was that you bought/invested into & they’ve refused or ignored your refund request then the next good option is to contact the merchant instead.

The merchant is the company that processes the payment, and the name of the merchant would have likely been shown on the checkout page or on any receipts you were sent. It may even appear in the payment reference on your bank statement.

For example, a lot of online scams sell themselves through a merchant called ClickBank. Now ClickBank itself is a legitimate company (despite a lot of the products being sold through their site being very scammy), and they operate a 60-day refund period which they usually honour pretty well.

So if you get tricked into a scam sold through ClickBank you should stand a very good chance of getting your money back by contacting them directly even if the owners of whatever you spent money on refused or ignored you when you contacted them.

This applies to many merchants though not just ClickBank, because the last thing a merchant wants is for you to request a chargeback (which ends up costing them money). And chargebacks are what I’m going to talk about next…

3. File a Chargeback With Your Bank/Card Issuer

You’ve tried contacting whoever you gave the money to, you’ve tried contacting the company that handled the payment, but you’re still no better off… You still haven’t got a refund… So what do you do?

The next logical solution would be to file a chargeback via your bank or card issuer, and this is basically where they will attempt to claw back the money you sent on your behalf.

This means that you’ll have to put your case forward to your bank or card issuer & prove to them that you were actually scammed (and don’t just regret sending the money)… But if they believe you, they’ll be able to claw the money back from the merchant and return it to your account.

The important thing to note here though is that you only get ONE CHANCE to file a chargeback – which is why at the very start of this page I recommended using a professional company like MyChargeBack to handle your case, because if you mess it up your money could be gone for good.

I suggest at the very least before attempting it yourself you at least schedule a free consultation with MCB here to get their advice on how best to proceed.

Anyway, if you do wish to go down the route of filing a chargeback & you’re going to try it do on your own, to proceed you’d simply need to get in touch with your bank/card issuer & inform them of what’s happened. They’ll be able to guide you from there.

Fingers Crossed!

Whatever route you go down just know that I have my fingers crossed for you & really hope that you do successfully manage to get your money back as I personally know how incredibly frustrating it is to get scammed.

In fact that’s the exact reason I started this website, because of my experience of getting scammed when I was first starting out trying to make some money online… So good luck! ?

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