WriterBay Review – Is WriterBay Legit or a Scam? [Writers Perspective]

Everyone needs to have multiple streams of income to make both ends meet these days and there is no better opportunity than a digital product or service. WriterBay is freelancing platform inviting academic writers looking to generating online income…

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There are scores of freelancing platforms these days and people tend to try multiple websites at a time but often they find it hard to win enough bids, gigs, or whatever terms they use. Sometimes, the websites are legit but the prices are extremely low, and sometimes the websites promise a lot but pay nothing…

This WriterBay scam review might grab your attention if you seriously want to give it a go. It is important to know if it is legit, and in that case, how much you actually can earn via this platform.

This WriterBay review is going to cover the introduction to the platform, its services, selection criteria, requirements, and finally our recommendation. If you are not into freelance writing and looking for a different but 100% reliable source of generating passive income online, you might appreciate our top recommendation which you can access below:

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What Exactly is WriterBay?

WriterBay is a freelancing platform which offers writing services focusing on academic papers. People looking for academic help post their requirements and pay for academic services.

On the other hand, WriterBay invites academic writers to take on different projects based on their expertise and experience. The writers get paid after completing the task. There is nothing malicious with the activities or the way things work on this platform. It follows the conventions of freelance content writing services.

The good thing is that the website offers better prices as compared to most of the freelancing platforms. In addition, you are free to choose whatever subject and requirements suit your expertise.

Like any freelancing platforms, WriterBay also has its plus and negative points. Let’s see if it is worth your time and effort!

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How Does WriterBay Work?

In the case of a freelancing marketplace, you are free to register, create your profile, and start bidding on projects or placing your gigs. In the case of WriterBay, you have to apply as a potential freelance writer and go through an evaluation process.

The website feeds new projects/jobs on a daily basis and you can select whichever you think is suitable for you. New members find it hard to get accepted by the client because the client decides whether or not to assign the task to a member without PRO rating. In the case of member with PRO, Writer Status selects a job, the client can’t deny.

There is nothing to worry about scheduling. You simply select a project whenever you want but then you have to complete it within the deadline of course.

How Much Does WriterBay Pay Per Page?

As per the claims on the website, you can earn as much as $20/page. That’s quite acceptable because you don’t often get a price anywhere near $20 a page in the case of freelance marketplaces. On average, the price for academic writing is somewhere between $5 and $10 per page. But it entirely depends on your profile credibility and the type of client you are dealing with.

The Downside of The WriterBay Payment Policy

Talking about the most reliable and honest freelancing websites, for example, Freelancer you are free to withdraw at least thrice a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), via various methods including express withdrawal. WriterBay disappoints in this regard as it only pays once a month (between 16th and 20th) of each month.

In addition, you have to earn at least $100. You can’t withdraw anything below $100 which is heartbreaking. If you are looking for something which in my opinion is better, more convenient, and more reliable then you could check out Freelancer (which is also not limited to writing only, you can join as a graphic designer, web developer, data entry operator, blogger, WP expert, and more).

WriterBay Payment Options

The following are the payment modes compatible with WriterBay:

  • Global Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • WebMoney

PRO Status

You first need to prove your expertise to earn more on WriterBay. PRO Status serves you with additional rewards.

  • PRO Light Writers – 15% Bonus on the completion of each task
  • Pro Writers – 25% bonus on the completion of each task

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Requirements For WriterBay Freelance Writers

First of all, you need to have at least a bachelor degree. Though, there are contradictory statements on the website, at one point it says that you need a high-school degree to apply as a writer. Anyway, you need to first register with the website by providing contact details and personal information.

Grammar and Formatting Test

Then comes the stage where you need to pass these tests. The grammar test features 15 MCQs. In addition, you need to have knowledge of the updated formatting styles including but not limited to Chicago, MLA, and APA. To pass the test, you need to give at least 10 correct answers.

Then comes the verification process where you need to present scanned copies of your academic transcripts. The website also requires a writing sample on a topic it will provide. The administration will evaluate your performance and the process may take as long as 14 days.

My Verdict – Is WriterBay a Scam?

Some facts in our WriterBay scam review are discouraging, for instance $100 minimum for potential withdrawal, once-a-month payout. But we are confident that WriterBay is a legitimate platform.

Though, the terms and condition might be disturbing for some freelancers who are not used to so many restrictions and strict policies. If academic writing is not your field but you want to make good and quick money through blogging, article writing, and review writing, then you can check out this guide to earn money as freelance content writer which has been created by a close friend of mine who actually works full-time doing exactly that.

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