EZ Battery Reconditioning – Scam or Legit? Course Info, REAL Reviews & The Truth

The EZ Battery Reconditioning course which has been put together by 2 guys named Tom Ericson & Frank Thomson promises to provide you with a “little-known” way to bring your old batteries back to life again, even if you’re not at all technical or don’t know the first thing about reconditioning batteries…

EZ Battery Reconditioning Course Website Screenshot

You’re led to believe that you’ll be shown step-by-step how to recondition your old batteries, and you’re told that as well as just helping you to save money (by extending the life of your batteries), the course will allegedly also show you how you can recondition your old batteries & actually sell them on for profit too.

But a lot of people have been pretty sceptical about the course – and as a result, a lot of EZ Battery Reconditioning scam rumours have been spread across the web… But is it really a scam? Or does it truly provide a REAL way for you to make money from your old batteries as it claims?

Thankfully you’ve landed in the right place to find out the answers to those questions as I’ve personally decided to take a closer look into it & in this detailed review I’ll be uncovering the real truth about the EZ Battery Reconditioning course – including whether or not you can actually make (or save) any money at all like Tom & Frank claim. ?

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Table of Contents

I decided not to leave any stone unturned when it comes to reviewing the EZ Battery Reconditioning course which means that as a result, my review here is going to be pretty in-depth, to say the least. For that reason, I’ve decided to help you out by putting together a little table of contents here at the start of the review so that you can easily skip to the sections that are of most interest to you. Just click any of the links below & they’ll skip you straight to that particular section.

What Is The EZ Battery Reconditioning Course?

So as I ever so briefly touched on at the start of this review, the EZ Battery Reconditioning course is a course that’s been put together by 2 guys named Tom Ericson & Frank Thomson, and as the name suggests – the course aims (or claims) to teach you how you can recondition your old batteries “back to life again”.

You’re led to believe that the whole thing is extremely simple and that by following a few simple step-by-step instructions you’ll be able to recondition old batteries even if you’re not at all technical or don’t know the first thing about batteries.

The 2 guys also claim that not only will their “tips” help you save money, but they’ll allegedly help you make money too – as you’re told you’ll be able to recondition old batteries & then resell them for a nice profit.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Course

In fact, bundled along with the EZ Battery Reconditioning course is a copy of Frank’s battery business guide named “How To Start A Battery Business At Home“.

The guide promises to show you everything you need to create your own profitable battery business, including allegedly where to get old batteries for free, how to recondition them, and how to sell them for “huge” profits.

And Frank even claims that you can sell some of the batteries for thousands of dollars.

So in short, to summarize those claims – he’s promising to teach you how to get batteries for free, which you can then recondition & sell for thousands of dollars… Therefore it’s no wonder this program has attracted a lot of attention.

But is it really true? Can you really make so much money reconditioning old batteries? Can you actually make any money at all? Or is EZ Battery Reconditioning a scam that’s just out to part you with your cash?

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After all, it kinda sounds too good to be true to be getting access to such information for just a mere $47…

Well don’t worry – you’re certainly in the right place to find out and all will be revealed in just a moment. Plus, I personally used to be an electrician so if there’s any BS in the course I’ll quite easily be able to spot it!

However first, before I dig deeper into the course I think it’s important that we take a look at the 2 guys behind it…

Who Are Tom Ericson & Frank Thomson?

After spending a little time snooping around the EZ Battery Reconditioning website I was able to find out that the two guys behind the program are named Tom Ericson & Frank Thomson.

Frank is referred to on the page as “The Battery Man” and collectively they both refer to themselves as battery reconditioning experts – however, what’s weird is that they give no background on themselves whatsoever.

On the EZ Battery Reconditioning support page, a picture is shown of Tom Ericson, but that is the only time you’re really introduced to him on the site (as shown below):

Tom Ericson EZ Battery Reconditioning Course

Is the guy presenting the video “The Battery Man” Frank? Or is he an actor? There is no clarification… And I find that a little odd.

Usually, when it comes to courses like this the people behind them are a little more transparent about themselves – explaining who they are, how they got into the business etc…

I find it a little odd that these guys remain faceless & that there’s very little to be found about them elsewhere online despite them allegedly discovering a way to turn old free batteries into thousands of dollars…

Plus you also have to question the fact that, if, as they say, they have indeed found such a method – then why are they sharing it with others for a mere $47? The more people utilizing the method the fewer batteries there will be for them to refurbish – and not only that, but the people they’re selling the “thousand dollar” batteries too could also buy the course & simply recondition their own batteries instead?

It seems that if you had such a method, selling it as a course would be just like shooting yourself in the foot…

I don’t know, I’m just a pretty sceptical guy when it comes to things like this & I like to question things before jumping in. I tend to live by the saying that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

But anyway, there’s only one way to find out for sure & that’s to take a closer look into it…

Does The EZ Battery Reconditioning Course Really Work?

Well, prior to me explaining whether or not it works – it’s probably best that I give you an understanding of what the course teaches & how you’re shown to supposedly “recondition” your battery…

So the first thing the course tells you to do is remove the battery from the appliance, or whatever it is powering – and take it to a secure & dry environment where you will put on your personal protective equipment ready to work on it.

(take note – you’ll need to buy personal protective equipment, e.g. gloves/eye protection).

Then, once the battery is in the secure/dry location & you’re dressed up in your safety gear, the first step is to clean the battery’s contacts (aka the terminals). You’re told that over years the terminals can build up residue which can result in lacking or inconsistent voltage being transferred through to whatever the battery is connected to.

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This is indeed true – the terminals can indeed build up residue, however, this would only really affect a battery that wasn’t connected to anything. If the battery was already connected to your car, for example, there would be no room for residue or corrosion as the terminal wouldn’t be exposed – the connection is already made.

But okay, cleaning up the terminals is good practice anyway (just take note you’ll need to buy some steel wool to clean them)…

Then from there – once the terminals are cleaned up you’ll move onto the testing stage. For this, you’ll need to purchase 2 more additional things – a voltmeter & a hydrometer.

You’ll use the voltmeter to check the output of the battery to see whether or not it’s performing correctly, and using the hydrometer you’ll check each cell’s electrolyte level to make sure the cells are performing correctly too.

You’ll also be told to look out for things like bulges or cracks on the cells as well. What can you do if this has happened though? In my opinion, not a great deal, your battery’s dead!

So that bit seems kinda flawed but anyway continuing on…

The next thing you’ll be told to do is reverse the sulfation on the plates of the battery. This is basically a build-up of sulphur on the plates which happens due to a reaction between the lead and the sulphuric acid in the battery

If you run a Google search on sulfation you’ll see the following:

Sulfation, a build-up of lead sulfate crystals, is the number one cause of early failures of lead-acid, sealed AGM or flooded (wet cell-filler caps) batteries.

(source of the quote: BatteryMinders)

So the EZ Battery Reconditioning course claims it has the answer to enabling you to reverse this sulfation and thus “fix” your battery back to life – and they give you 3 methods to do this.

  • Method number 1 is something called equalization which involves using a high voltage with low amplitude current to remove the sulphur from the plates of the battery over time.
  • Method number 2 involves using a chemical additive which attracts the sulphur and “pulls” it off the plates over time.
  • And method number 3 involves using a high-frequency device to essentially “shake off” the sulphur over time.

But there’s a big problem here… These methods are NOT simple – and they require either potentially dangerous or expensive machinery/tools, or potentially harmful chemicals.

Plus the methods are basically talked about purely in theory.

AND the biggest problem of all is that these methods only apply to lead-acid batteries. What about Nickel Cadmium batteries? What about Lithium Ion batteries?

Guess you’re stuffed with those huh?

So the truth is yes, there are some ways you can indeed recondition a lead-acid battery – however, there is a reason most people don’t… Firstly, because working with batteries (especially the likes of car batteries capable of such high current) can be extremely dangerous – and secondly because these days new batteries are pretty darn cheap.

I mean to recondition a battery as per the EZ Battery Reconditioning course you’re going to have to buy safety equipment, a voltmeter, a hydrometer, steel wool, chemicals/high-frequency device/high voltage generator…

(plus paying for the course itself)

That’s gonna be costly… OR, you know, you could just buy a new battery for around $50…

The latter makes more sense right? So in answer to the question “does the EZ Battery Reconditioning course work” I’d say kinda, in theory, but in practice not so much.

Can You Really Make Money Refurbishing Batteries?

Well like I mentioned in the previous section of this review, it is indeed “possible” to recondition some old lead-acid batteries – but the market for reconditioned batteries isn’t exactly huge…

And I think unless you’re planning on setting this up as a more industrial-scale operation, then it’s a kind of a “risk outweighs the reward” situation.

I mean battery acid is pretty freaking strong stuff – and not only will it burn pretty much anything & everything it comes into contact with, but the batteries themselves could explode if mistreated.

And when car batteries go bang, they go bang!

Also alongside those problems, there are still some more problems too – such as the fact that not every battery can be reconditioned, and that the guide only shows you how to recondition lead-acid batteries.

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So don’t get me wrong, the EZ Battery Reconditioning course does indeed show you how to recondition batteries, but ultimately as a “money-making” method I just don’t think it’s practical at all.

I mean when was the last time you even seen a reconditioned battery for sale? The price of batteries has come down so much lately that it often works out cheaper to buy new than refurbished.

And the thought of buying a reconditioned battery just makes my stomach churn…

Who could put their trust in a reconditioned battery? I doubt many people would be willing to, and therefore the only way I could see you selling them would be by selling them super cheap!

Would it be worth your time/effort/risk to sell them so cheaply? I doubt it.

And similarly, even if you were to buy the course just to refurbish batteries for yourself, do you really think it would make financial sense? I mean not only do you have to spend $47 on the course, as well as buying safety gear, a voltmeter, a hydrometer, steel wool & more tools… But you actually have to spend your time reconditioning it as well.

As I said earlier in this review a new battery could be picked up from the store for around $50… So in my opinion whilst it sounds good in theory, none of it really makes sense in terms of practicality.

And there’s another concerning issue too, which is the…

EZ Battery Reconditioning Costs

On the EZ Battery Reconditioning you’re told repeatedly that the course costs “only $47” and as a result, even if you’re sceptical about it, this might result in you just think what the heck, I’ll try it out anyway…

But the truth is that the course isn’t “only $47” at all.

I mean let me just quote a few things from the sales page of the EZ Battery Reconditioning course…

Firstly, directly under the huge “Add To Cart” button, you have a line that reads “This is a one-time purchase. There are NO monthly payments or hidden fees“…

Then there’s even a question towards the bottom of the page in their FAQ which reads “Are There Any Future Fees Or Costs After I Get The Program Today?” and here’s the answer:

EZ Battery Reconditioning Course Costs

However, despite all that, one look at their “Affiliates” page linked to from the very bottom of their website reveals that there are indeed future costs – and the program could actually end up costing you hundreds of dollars.

Affiliates promoting the EZ Battery Reconditioning course are told that they can “earn 75% commissions and up to $148.50 per sale!“…

And apparently “55.3% of Customers Purchase At Least 1 Upsell” too…

Yep, you read that right, “At Least” 1 upsell, which suggests there are actually several additional upsells inside of the program – despite them claiming that there are “NO future fees or costs after that” (referring to the initial $47 spend).

I don’t know about you but I sure as heck don’t like the sound of that!

Support At EZ Battery Reconditioning

Putting the EZ Battery Reconditioning costs to one side, let’s say that you decide to actually buy into the course & try it out… What’s the support like? Will you be able to get help?

Well, you’re promised via the contact page on the EZ Battery Reconditioning website that Tom or Frank themselves, along with their “help team” will be around to answer your questions 24/7 – and you’re told that you can expect a response from them within just 1 to 2 days.

However, unfortunately, it seems that the only line of support they offer is via email, which in my opinion isn’t so great…

After all, if you really get into this battery reconditioning lark it would be nice to have a phone support line available so that you could request some help as you’re working, with whatever it is you’re struggling with…

Instead, you’ll have to stop what you’re doing – fire up your computer, type off an email – and wait 1 to 2 days for a response to come back… Which may or may not answer your questions.

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So there is support available – but in my opinion, it’s not the greatest.

In terms of getting an EZ Battery Reconditioning refund though you should be pretty well covered on that front as the program is sold through a third party network named ClickBank – and whilst ClickBank is sadly quite renowned for selling scams, they do thankfully tend to honour their refund requests quite well.

So if you’ve bought into the EZ Battery Reconditioning course & you’ve decided it’s not for you then by contacting ClickBank directly you should be able to successfully get your money back.

If however, something happened & for some reason you weren’t able to get your money back through the “ordinary” channels then you can always check out my guide on getting your money back from a scam.

Which brings me nicely onto…

Is EZ Battery Reconditioning a Scam?

The EZ Battery Reconditioning course is NOT a scam, it sells training on reconditioning batteries & that’s exactly what it provides you with access to – however that doesn’t mean I’ll be recommending it.

In my opinion whilst it might not be a scam, it’s pretty hyped-up and whilst in theory, you can recondition batteries like Tom & Frank claim, the practicality of the program just isn’t really all that great.

I mean the average Joe is not going to be able to buy the EZ Battery Reconditioning & suddenly start making good money by reconditioning batteries – in fact, I think most people will actually fail to make any money with the method, to be honest.

That’s likely why the EZ Battery Reconditioning website has several disclaimers stating “Please take into consideration that the EZ Battery Reconditioning results may vary due to differences in a battery’s condition, history, and other factors“.

You see firstly you’re going to buy the course, then you’re gonna have to buy safety equipment & all of the tools, and you’re gonna learn the hard way that not every battery can actually be reconditioned.

So a lot of the time spent reconditioning will turn out to be wasted…

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Plus the method only works for lead-acid batteries, which as I mentioned earlier in this review can be extremely dangerous to work with as there’s a BIG risk of burns or explosion.

I can tell you that from my days as an electrician… Playing with batteries is a dangerous game.

So overall yeah, it’s not really a scam – but at the same time, it’s not really a great way to make money (or to save money for that matter)… And it’s much more expensive than “only $47”.

My Verdict on The EZ Battery Reconditioning Course

Well from a technical point of view, based on theory, OK the EZ Battery Reconditioning course is legit – but from a practicality point of view in terms of actually being able to save or make money, I’d say it’s not gonna happen.

Not only do you need specialist equipment to condition old batteries in such a way, but the whole operation is pretty darn dangerous & in my opinion, the risk is greater than the reward.

Plus these days like I mentioned towards the start of the review, batteries are just so darn cheap to buy brand new that reconditioning doesn’t really make financial sense – and I think you’d find it very hard to find somebody who’d actually trust using a reconditioned battery.

I know I personally wouldn’t trust a reconditioned battery whatsoever…

So if you’re bored & you just want something to read then maybe the EZ Battery Reconditioning course might provide you with some entertainment, but in terms of buying into it with the hope of saving or making money – I’d advise you think again.

A Better (And Easier) Way To Make Good Money

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    • Thank you so much. I put a lot of time into gathering the information for this review & so your comment means a lot to me.

  1. Great review dude,
    Just save me lots of time and possibly money.
    like what they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is …

  2. Thanks for your review. I reconditioned one battery and it is dangerous. I had one of the caps blow off. My issue right now is that I can’t reach support through their email. It really would be nice if they provided a phone number.

    • Wow that’s crazy, glad you’re OK. Yep batteries can be pretty darn dangerous to play around with & it should be left to the experts in my opinion. But like I say, reconditioning in general these days isn’t all that profitable when you factor in the time it takes etc compared to the price of a new battery.

    • Hello, my name’s Dale not Tom & I don’t know anything about a course. Are you sure you’re contacting the right person?

  3. Just charging a battery with a dead cell is dangerous. A 12v lead acid car battery creates explosive gases when charging. If these gases are ignited the explosion can kill you! I’m sure they don’t tell you that. If the explosion doesn’t kill you the acid could blind you or burn the skin and other tissue from your body. Inhaling fumes from lead acid batteries is bad for your lungs, smoking a carton of cigarettes a day would be safer.

    • You’re absolutely right Dan. Back when I worked as an electrician we used to have a dedicated “battery charging room” which had to be really well ventilated to get the gasses out. If those fans stopped working it quickly became a VERY dangerous room so it was a priority for maintenance. Not only is this course a scam, but it is literally putting people’s lives at risk.


    For POWERED HAND TOOLS BATTERIES , batteries used for DeWalt, Skil etc.
    Place dead battery in charger;
    Next you will pulse charge the battery by repeatedly plugging and unplugging the charger power cord from the electrical wall outlet.

    MY RESULTS varied from constantly and repeatedly pulsing the charge anywhere from 30 sec to a minute. Honestly it’s been awhile. Rest if the battery gets hot. Use multimeter to check charge. Search YouTube for the video of a young kid doing a demonstration with brand name batteries. He did it years ago.

    I’ve yet to try this for reconditioning AA and AAA, C, and D batteries.
    Obtain a 50 to 70 mA old cell phone charger. I read that one can go all the way up to 300 mA but with that high current you’ll have to pulse more quickly. I know, that sentence is terribly subjective.

    DISCLAIMER : I am not trained in electrical wiring in any form. This behavior is dangerous and should only be done by a trained electrical professional. I’m just trying to be nice. You may have been on this page wanting to know how one can easy accomplish this task. Irrelevant if you’re looking to make money. Cheers

    • I don’t believe you should mess around doing that, even if it works. Batteries can be VERY dangerous. Please just save up and buy a new battery.


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