Why?Since a lot of people have been asking me why I decided to create this website & why I decide to take time out each day to write these reviews I figured I’d put a page together to explain, and appropriately title it “Why?“.

My reason for starting this website…

I’ve been doing things online now for many years, but it wasn’t until around early 2012 that I first started really looking for ways to properly generate an income online.

I did eventually become successful in my quest to build a full-time income online as you can read about here, but it wasn’t all plain sailing.

In my first few months of starting out I fell victim to numerous scams and duff opportunities & lost a lot of cash along the way.

Now I know losing a bit of cash isn’t really the end of the world, but the problem was that this was cash that I really needed and couldn’t afford to lose.

I felt so angry that these people were taking money not just from me, but from so many other people online.

I also felt stupid for falling for them…

But the worst part is that these people seemed so genuine, and they were promising me everything that I felt like I needed at the time.

The problem was that I was “new”

Looking back I can easily say to myself that the things I fell for were such obvious scams, but that’s only because I’ve gained experience and know what’s what.

These people, the scammers, were preying on the fact that I was know & didn’t know a great deal about making money online.

They could pretty much say what they wanted and I’d have believed it, I was just putting my trust in them & that’s why I became so angry each time they took my money.

I wasn’t angry at the fact that I’d been scammed, I was angry at the fact I’d been let down.

So I started ReviewedThat.com…

Photo of Me
Photo of me taken around the time I started ReviewedThat.com

I started this website to provide honest reviews about internet money-making opportunities so that people can get a perspective from somebody that now has that level of experience which is needed to tell a scam apart from a genuine opportunity.

I try and review as many systems & opportunities as I can, but ultimately even if I can just prevent 1 single person from falling for a bogus opportunity and losing their cash I will be happy.

Though obviously I want to do more than that, much more that. I want to help as many people as I can not just to dodge the bogus opportunities, but to find the ones that will truly help them to achieve the lifestyle that they desire.

I’ve been making a full-time income online for around the past 5 years now & it is such a wonderful thing to have not just the time freedom, but the location freedom too.

The ability from wherever you can get an internet connection is so powerful & words can’t even describe the freedom it can bring to your life.

And now I’m lucky enough to be at a point in my business where I can take time out and focus my efforts on publishing these reviews to help people who are on a similar path to me & are looking for that bit of freedom in their lives.

My mission is to help you achieve it without having to go through the painstaking process of falling for duff opportunity after duff opportunity before finally finding something that works.

So on that note be sure to check out my Number 1 Recommendation which is the program that’s taught me everything I know today & has given me the wonderful opportunity to be able to build a full-time income online from wherever I can grab myself an internet connection.

And I really do hope you find massive value in this website.