Bahama Banker System – Scam Alert Full Review

Welcome to today’s review, which is of something called the Bahama Banker system. This is a system that’s literally just launched, and it’s surfaced with some bold claims so I figured I’d take some time out to look into it and find out what it’s all about.

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So if you’ve came across the Bahama Banker system and are looking to find out whether it can really guarantee you daily profits of at least $1,250 per day then you’re in the right place because I’m going to be revealing everything about this system.

What exactly is the Bahama Banker system?

Bahama Banker HomepageThe Bahama Banker system is something that’s supposedly been setup by a private banker named Herald Beckman, and the website leads you on to believe that you’re going to be profiting from an “offshore tax secret” by storing your money out in the Bahamas.

The truth is that this is actually yet another binary options trading system, just that this time it’s coming at you with a different approach in an effort to convince you to buy in and deposit your funds.

If you follow this website then you’ll know that I’m massively against binary options, and certainly massively against these binary options trading systems. That’s because I’ve reviewed literally hundreds of them and I’ve yet to see a single one of them live up to their claims or even put anybody into profit.

They seem to launch, take everybody’s money & then disappear off into the night… and then shortly after another one appears under a different name.

This time it looks like it’s Bahama Banker’s turn.

Here’s how it supposed to work…

The concept of these automated binary systems is that they’ve been built up on artificial intelligence that will pick out profitable trends in the binary options marketer and automatically place trades on your behalf.

They certainly sound great in theory, but in theory they just flat out don’t work and that’s because there’s an ulterior motive behind them – which is simply to separate you with your hard earned cash.

Now I don’t want to just flat out tarnish the Bahama Banker system with the same brush, which is why I will be testing it out to be certain, but take it from me that I am already 99% sure as to what the results of this system are going to show.

See here’s how most binary systems actually work…

Nearly all of the other binary systems that I’ve reviewed follow a similar trend to this one. They all run with a similar story and they have all been said to have been developed by some expert trader, finance professional or top mathematician.

The truth is none of them have been, and do I think the Bahama Banker has been created by a private banker? Absolutely not.

You see these systems have all actually been created & developed by internet marketers, with no other intention than to simply part you with your hard earned cash.

Bahama Banker Invalid Claims

These guys develop these so called “profitable” systems in order to simply convince you enough that it makes you deposit with their so called “recommended” broker. The second you make that deposit, boom, the creators of the system earned their big fat commission and guess what? They’re no longer interested.

Which is when you get to find out that the system doesn’t actually work as promised and it’s been a big fat lie, as the money is quickly disappearing from your trading account.

The reason they go to the extreme lengths of developing these systems is very clever (or sneaky, depending which way you look at it). It’s because most people know that binary option trading is very, very risky – which means they’re very reluctant to deposit. This is a big problem for the marketers because nobody depositing means no big fat commissions… If only they was a way they could convince people to deposit…

Oh, hello Bahama Banker! ?

You catch my drift? These systems are nothing but a ploy to get you to part with your cash.

But here’s the big problem…

Despite my advise, many people still go on and still go on to lose money… which sounds crazy.

But it’s because people think that they can just “try” these systems out. Let me tell you, you can’t – and that’s how they’re going to get you.

Because the brokers these guys work with do not like offering refunds. In fact out of all the cases I’ve seen to date of people losing money, I’ve never seen a single one of them successfully manage to get it back.

So if you think you can simply “try” it out and just get your money back if it doesn’t work, think again.

Most of these systems require minimum deposits of at least $250, so don’t think you can simply try it out with $10 and then withdraw the rest if it doesn’t work out. Whatever you deposit – be prepared to lose it all.

So is the Bahama Banker system any different?

Nope, as per my initial thoughts the Bahama Banker is no different to any of the other systems that have came before it.

I signed up, registered with their recommended broker which was PlusOption & deposited the minimum £250.

I traded at the minimum of £25 per trade which was the lowest you could go and recommended for beginners, and guess what…

Within just 47 minutes of trading, all my money was gone.

Take a look at my trade statistics from inside my account:

Trading Statistics

Absolute rubbish! The only thing I got from this system was a ton of spam email and a ton of cold calls from the brokers telling me to deposit more money.

My advice is definitely to stay well away from this system, and any other binary options system that pops up for that matter.

And on that note that’s me signing out, I hope you enjoyed my review & I hope it was helpful to you.

More importantly I hope it saved you from parting with your hard earned cash.

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