$10K Every Day App Review – Full Scam Exposed

One of my readers recently alerted me to a system named the $10K Every Day App, which is supposedly a brand new mobile app that will make you auto-pilot profits of at least $10,000 per day. It all sounds very suspicious so I’ve decided to take a look into it myself to find out what it’s all about & if it really works.

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So if you’ve landed on this page because you’ve came across the $10K Every Day App & are trying to find out whether or not it can actually make you any money then rest assured you’re in the right place.

I am not affiliated with this system in any way shape or form meaning that the information you’ll be getting here will be the real TRUTH, unlike the lies that are dished out in many of the other reviews which have been written by affiliates (more on that in a mo).

What exactly is the $10K Every Day App?

10K Every Day App HomepageAfter watching the video for a few moments it soon becomes very clear that this is simply yet another binary options system, and the reason I don’t sound too excited about that is because nearly every single one of the ones that have came before it have been flat out scams.

As an example just go ahead & take a look at the review I wrote on the Royce Code system, which seems to be extremely similar to this one.

One thing I do enjoy about this system though is the video, LOL it’s laughable, and clearly consists of (not very good) paid actors.

The creator of this system is seen standing in the street shouting “10K Every Day” at everybody who walks past, and then he invites the one guy who stops to come for a coffee with him to try out his 10k Every Day system, promising him $10,000 more in his bank account in 24 hours.

I really don’t know where they get their ideas for these videos, but what I do know is that they couldn’t be any more fake even if they tried.

So to cut the video short, the concept of this system is that it’s been built on a “special formula” which detects profitable trades and automatically places them for you. In essence it’s supposed to be a free of charge auto-pilot money making machine…

But it doesn’t work as promised, and it isn’t free…

Throughout the whole video the emphasis is put on the fact that this system is supposedly free – but in reality it’s not, and it will actually cost you a minimum of $250.

You see after entering your email & attempting to gain access to this “special system” you’re requested to first deposit a minimum amount of $250 with their “recommended” broker, but you’re frequently assured that you’ll get this money back, and then your $10,000 on top… Which is a lie.

This method of requiring you to deposit with a specific broker before giving you access to the system is a common trait of a binary options scam. You see a real system would let you go ahead & choose a broker of your own, but here you’re forced to deposit with the one that they’ve picked for you.

Obviously you’re told that it’s because they’re the best broker, or the broker that works best with their system but again that’s another lie.

The reason they want you to deposit with that specific broker is because they’ve arranged a deal with them behind the scenes, and the creator of the $10K Every Day App system gets paid a huge commission for each number he gets to sign up & deposit funds with this particular broker.

It’s nothing more than a very clever scam…

10K Every Day ScamYou see the way they’ve gone about this system makes it seem like it couldn’t possibly be a scam. All you’re doing is depositing funds with a broker, and trying the system out… So how on earth could you possibly get scammed?

Well here’s the deal, as I mentioned above the brokers & the creators of this system have a deal set between themselves.

When somebody signs up for this system and deposits with the broker, the creator of the system gets paid a huge commission.

But once you’ve signed up & actually try it out – you’ll quickly find that it does not work. Instead of earning $10,000 every day, you’ll actually find yourself losing money quicker than you ever could imagine.

And here’s why…

This system is built up on nothing but false promises and lies, in order to simply make you think that you’ll be able to profit.

The creator of this system hasn’t come up with a magic trading formula at all, all he wants to do is simply convince you into thinking that you’ll be able to profit so that you’ll sign up with his “recommended” broker and he can earn himself a big fat commission.

Don’t fall for it.

But here’s the even bigger problem…

Many people get caught out by this system because they think to themselves “well there’s no harm in just trying it out”, but actually there is.

These guys are smart, and the brokers they work with do not like offering refunds or allowing withdrawals until you’ve traded a specific amount of cash.

So if you deposit $250, chances are you’ll have lost that full $250 even if you only trade with $20 and decide to try and withdraw.

A common clause is that you must trade with at least $1,000 before you can withdraw any of your funds back out, so basically in order to get your money back you’d have to lose more money which obviously makes no sense at all.

Take my advice.

I’ve seen literally hundreds of these types of scam binary options systems and I’m sure this one won’t be the last to surface, but take my advice and totally avoid it.

I know they can seem convincing, but keep in mind that’s because the creators have spent a LOT of money on making them convincing, because that’s the whole scam. If they weren’t convincing then nobody would fall for them.

And don’t just avoid these scam binary options systems, avoid binary options trading altogether because believe me, it’s bad news.

I’ve seen many people get involved with binary trading and I’ve never seen even a single one of them end up in profit. It’s one of the most risky trading strategies there is, and most people end up losing a LOT of money. I’d actually say it’s worse than gambling, because with binary options you really believe you can win which keeps you pouring more money into it.

So with that being said I hope you appreciated my insight into this system & most importantly I hope that I was able to prevent you from losing your cash to this system. If you have any more information on the 10K Every Day App then please do leave a comment below to share it.

Also please share this post with your family or friends to make them aware of this dangerous scam as well, otherwise they could possibly end up falling for it themselves.

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